46 Famous Abortion Sayings, Quotes, Quotations & Images

Best Abortion Sayings and Quotes: Any Country That Accepts Abortion Is Not Teaching Its People To Love But To Use Any Violence To Get What It Wants.  Mother Teresa

46 Abortion Sayings Collection

Abortion Sayings Any country that accepts
1. Any Country That Accepts Abortion Is Not Teaching Its People To Love But To Use Any Violence To Get What It Wants.  Mother Teresa

Abortion Sayings As your heart
2. As Your Heart Cries Out To Mummy To Please Stop Them Killing You.

Abortion Quotes Sayings 5
3.How Long Does An Abortion Last? Forever.

Abortion Sayings For thou didst
4. For Thou Didst Form My Inward Parts Thou Didst Knit Me Together In My Mother’s Womb.

Abortion Sayings Nuclear war would not be
5. Nuclear War Would Not Be An Unjust Punishment For A Nation. Mother Teresa

Abortion Sayings I notice that all
6. I Notice That All Of The People Who Support Abortion Are Already Born. Ronald Reagan

Abortion Sayings Mommy a month
7. Mommy A Month Has Gone Past And I Have Started To Notice How My Body Is Forming.

Abortion Sayings A baby's death does
8. A Baby’s Death Does Not Take Away The Fact That The Woman Is A Mother.

Abortion Sayings Pro lifers
9. Pro Lifers Demonstrating In Front Of Abortion Clinics, Saved Me From Being Killed! Yessir Babay!!

Abortion Sayings It's agony if
10. It’s Agony If You Have To Carry A Baby In Your Heart, Rather Than In Your Arms.

Abortion Sayings Everyone deserves
11. Sayings Everyone Deserves The Chance To Celebrate A Birthday!

Abortion Sayings I was a clinic
12. I Was A Clinic Escort I Hope To Have Helped Make A Chaotic Situation a Little Easier.

Abortion Sayings It's very simple!
13. It’s Very Simple Abortion Kills A Human Being Even I Get It!

Abortion Sayings It's a child
14. It’s A Child Not A Choice If It’s Not A Baby You’re Not Pregnant.

Abortion Sayings To tell you
15. To Tell You The Truth I Can’t Explain Ho Whappy I Am To Know That You Are My Mom

Abortion Sayings My baby's
16. My Baby’s Death Was Not An Abortion

Abortion Sayings This child has no
17. This Child Has No Voice Which Is Why It Depends On Yours Speak Up.

Nice Abortion Quotes

Abortion Sayings I am very much
18. I Am Very Much Opposed To Abortion Personally But I Don’t Think It Is The Governments Rule.

Abortion Quotes Sayings 8
19. Abortion Is Forever.

Abortion Quotes Sayings 7
20. Someone I Love Was Never Born.

Abortion Sayings Abortion doesn't make you
21. Abortion Doesn’t Make You Unpregnant It Makes You A Mother Of A Dead Baby.

Abortion Sayings A letter
22. A Letter From An Unborn Baby:

Abortion Quotes Sayings 6
23.How Do We Persuade A Woman Not To Have An Abortion?

Abortion Sayings Punishment if
24. Punishment If My Daughter Make A Mistake I Don’t Want Them Punished With a Baby.

Abortion Sayings A guide to emotional
25. A Guide To Emotional And Spiritual Resolution After An Abortion.

Abortion Sayings After an abortion who
26. After An Abortion Who Will See Her As The Woman The Human Being That She Is? Who Will Respect Her Decision And Her Pain?

Abortion Sayings If it isn't
27. If It Isn’t A Baby Then You Aren’t Pregnant, So What Are You Aborting?

Abortion Sayings Abortion does not make
28. Abortion Does Not Make You Un Pregnant It Makes You The Mother Of A Dead Baby!

Abortion Sayings However we might
29. However We Might Oppose It Abortion Is A Sad Feature Of Modern Life. Robert Casey

Abortion Sayings If men could
30. If Men Could Become Pregnant Abortion Would Be A Sacrament. Florence Kennedy

Abortion Sayings There are two
31. There Are Two Victims In Every Abortion A Dead Baby And A Dead Conscience. Mother Teresa

Abortion Sayings A grand adventure
32. A Grand Adventure Is About To Begin Wishing You A Safe Delivery.

Abortion Sayings However we might
33. However We Might Oppose It Abortion Is A Sad Feature. Robert Casey

Abortion Sayings Abortion it doesn't make width=
34. Abortion It Doesn’t Make You Un pregnant It Makes You The Mother Of A Dead Baby.

Good Abortion Quotations

Abortion Sayings It's funny
35.  It’s Funny How Easily You Walked Into My Life Was Just How Easily You Walked Out Of My Life. Thanks A Whole Lot.

Abortion Sayings Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born Ronald Reagan
36. Abortion Is Advocated Only By Persons Who Have Themselves Been Born. Ronald Reagan

Abortion Sayings There will be
37. There Will Be Over 3500 Killed Is USA Today From Abortion.

Abortion Sayings My silence is just another word for my pain
38. My Silence Is Just Another Word For My Pain.

Abortion Sayings No human
39. No Human Being Is Ever Conceived Outside God’s Will.

Abortion Sayings Abortion the guilt hurts more than labor
40. Abortion The Guilt Hurts More Than Labor.

Abortion Sayings It's sad how most people become who they promised they'd never be!
41. It’s Sad How Most People Become Who They Promised They’d Never Be! Abortion Sayings

Abortion Sayings Though i was in such complete pain i was dying
42. Though I Was In Such Complete Pain I Was Dying. Abortion Sayings

Abortion Sayings Don't kill yourself over a boy he'll bring another girl to your funeral
43. Don’t Kill Yourself Over A Boy He’ll Bring Another Girl To Your Funeral.

Abortion Sayings Everyone who supported slavery was free everyone
44. Everyone Who Supported Slavery Was Free Everyone. Abortion Sayings

Abortion Sayings We're all
45. We’re All Human Aren’t We Every Human Life Is Worth The Same And Worth Saving. J.K. Rowling

Abortion Sayings Suicide not
46. Suicide Not Only Harms The Immediate Family But Also The Community. Abortion Sayings

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