45 Most Famous Abortion Quotes, Sayings And Quotations

Abortion Quotes Sayings 2
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Abortion Quotes, Sayings And Quotations Today We Are Having For All Those People Who Is Just Going For Abortion. Share It With Your Friends And Relatives.

Abortion Quotes

Abortion Quotes The emphasis must width=
1. The Emphasis Must Be Not On The Right To Abortion But On The Right To Privacy And Reproductive Control Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Abortion Quotes They credited us with
2. They Credited Us With The Birth Of That Sort Of Heavy Metal Thing. Well, If That’s The Case, There Should Be An Immediate Abortion Ginger Baker

Abortion Quotes Without Khomeini
3. Without Khomeini, We Would Not Be Where We Are. What A Pity That, When Pregnant With Him, His Mother Did Not Choose To Have An Abortion Oriana Fallaci

Abortion Quotes No woman has
4. No Woman Has An Abortion For Fun Elizabeth Joan Smith

Abortion Quotes I am very much
5. I Am Very Much Opposed To Abortion Personally. But I Don’t Think It Is The Government’s Rule Arlen Specter

Abortion Quotes The truth is that contraception
6. The Truth Is That Contraception Saves Lives, Prevents Unplanned Pregnancies, Improves Outcomes For Children And Reduces The Number Of Abortions Ann M

Abortion Quotes Patients would come in and say
7. Patients Would Come In And Say, Well, My Baby Is Going To Have A Cleft Palate. I’m Going Like, That’s Not A Reason. And The Doctor Would Do The Aborti

Abortion Quotes If men could get pregnant
8. If Men Could Get Pregnant, Abortion Would Be A Sacrament Florynce Kennedy

Abortion Quotes If they are opposed to abortion
9. If They Are Opposed To Abortion, They Should Be For Preventing Unintended Pregnancies Louise Slaughter

Abortion Quotes I don't support abortion
10. I Don’t Support Abortion. I Could Never Participate In One. But I Think It Would Be A Mistake To Make Them Illegal Again Jesse Ventura

Abortion Sayings

Abortion Quotes ERA means
11. ERA Means Abortion Funding, Means Homosexual Privileges, Means Whatever Else Phyllis Schlafly

Abortion Quotes Morality becomes hypocrisy
12. Morality Becomes Hypocrisy If It Means Accepting Mothers’ Suffering Or Dying In Connection With Unwanted Pregnancies And Illegal Abortions And Unwanted

Abortion Quotes I should have
13. I Should Have Been An Abortion. The Only Reason I Wasn’t Was That My Father Was A Christian Neko Case

Abortion Quotes However much I
14. However Much I Dislike The Idea Of Abortion, You Should Not Criminalize A Woman Who, In Very Difficult Circumstances, Makes That Choice Tony Blair

Abortion Quotes The abortion controversy is important
15. The Abortion Controversy Is Important For What It Says About Our Stance Toward Procreation And Children Altogether Leon Kass

Abortion Quotes Too many people use abortion
16. Too Many People Use Abortion As A Form Of Birth Control. And That’s Very Wrong. I Could Never, Ever Have An Abortion Brooke Shields

Abortion Quotes I don't believe
17. I Don’t Believe An Alliance Government Should Sponsor Legislation On Abortion Or A Referendum

Abortion Quotes Together
18. Together, We Will Protect The Sanctity Of Life, Ensuring Early Next Congress That No Federal Funds Are Used For Abortion Fred Upton

Abortion Quotes I leave abortion to the woman
19. I Leave Abortion To The Woman. I Just Fundamentally End There. I Absolutely Support A Woman’s Right To Choose Gary Johnson

Abortion Quotes Curses on the law
20. Curses On The Law! Most Of My Fellow Citizens Are The Sorry Consequences Of Uncommitted Abortions Karl Kraus

Abortion Quotations

Abortion Quotes I consider abortion
21. I Consider Abortion To Be A Deeply Personal And Intimate Issue For Women And I Don’t Believe Male Legislators Should Even Vote On The Issue Alan K. S

Abortion Quotes I do not believe
22. I Do Not Believe Abortion Should Be Legal Herman Cain

Abortion Quotes Abortion Quotes Abortion
23. Abortion Quotes Abortion Is An Attack On The Family And The Humanity That Unites Us All Alveda King

Abortion Quotes Abortion is the ultimate
24. Abortion Is The Ultimate Violence Robert Casey

Abortion Quotes You can't
25. You Can’t Reconcile Being Pro Life On Abortion And Pro Death On The Death Penalty N. T. Wright

Abortion Quotes I don't believe an Alliance
26. I Don’t Believe An Alliance Government Should Sponsor Legislation On Abortion Or A Referendum

Abortion Quotes In tough economic
27. In Tough Economic Times, Desperate People Do Desperate Things, And The Abortion Rate Goes Up Jesse Jackson

Abortion Quotes Listen to the pregnant woman
28. Listen To The Pregnant Woman. Value Her. She Values The Life Growing Inside Her. Listen To The Pregnant Woman, And You Cannot Help But Defend Her Right

Abortion Quotes In the case of abortion
29. In The Case Of Abortion, One Pits The Life Of The Fetus Against The Interests Of The Pregnant Woman Leon Kass

Abortion Quotes Abortion is inherently
30. Abortion Is Inherently Different From Other Medical Procedures Because No Other Procedure Involves The Purposeful Termination Of A Potential Life. Pot

Abortion Quotes We're always going
31. We’re Always Going To Argue About Abortion. It’s A Hard Choice And It’s Controversial, And That’s Why I’m Pro Choice, Because I Want People To Make Th

Abortion Quotes Sex education classes are like
32. Sex Education Classes Are Like In Home Sales Parties For Abortions Phyllis Schlafly

Abortion Quotes Sayings 2
33. Abortion Quotes Sayings 2

Abortion Quotes Abortion Quotes
34. Abortion Quotes A Vast Abortion Industry, Generating Some Half A Billion Dollars Annually, Sprang Into Existence In The Wake Of Roe And Doe Robert Casey

Abortion Quotes When you start
35. When You Start Talking About Abortion And Gay Rights, People Take That Seriously And They’re Passionate About It On Both Sides Bob Buckhorn

Abortion Quotes Sayings 1
36. Abortion Quotes Sayings 1

Abortion Quotes I'm against abortion
37. I’m Against Abortion. On The Other Hand, I Believe In A Woman’s Choice Nancy Reagan

Abortion Quotes Sayings 3
38. Abortion Quotes Sayings 3

Abortion Quotes Global warming is a political issue
39. Global Warming Is A Political Issue. It Is As Much A Political Issue To The Left As Abortion Is. It’s As Big A Political Issue As Health Care Is

Abortion Quotes I hate abortions
40. I Hate Abortions, But Just Could Not Make That Choice For Someone Else Barbara Bush

Abortion Quotes To establish justice
41. To Establish Justice And To Promote The General Welfare, America Does Not Need The Abortion License Robert Casey

Abortion Quotes I think life is sacred
42. In Abortion, The Person Who Is Massacred, Physically And Morally, Is The Woman Italo Calvino

Abortion Quotes In abortion
43. In Abortion, The Person Who Is Massacred, Physically And Morally, Is The Woman Italo Calvino

Abortion Quotes On the issue of abortion
44. On The Issue Of Abortion, I’m Ever On The Fence, Or, At Most, An Inch Or Two To Either Side Victoria Moran

Abortion Quotes Sayings 4
45. Abortion Quotes Sayings 4

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