Nail Color Hack: How to Choose Your Nail Color?

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Choosing the right nail color can be very tricky. We all love trying crazy anail colors from time to time. Experimenting with different nail colors can be so much fun! But, we should also know which nail colors suits us the best. Luckily, this is much easier than it sounds. You don’t have to spend your whole life trying on as many nail colors as possible to find the right one.

There is one hack about choosing the right nail color that every girl needs to know. If you want to choose a perfect nail color for yourself, you will need to recognize your skin tone first. There are many skin tones. They go from fair, medium, warm, tan, to dark. Those ones are pretty easy to recognize on yourself. Discovering whether you have a cool or warm undertone is much more important for choosing the perfect nail color. This nail color hack can be used to find your perfect nail design in general. Choosing the right combination of colors during your manicure is essential. Sometimes, we get frustrated when we can’t choose the perfect combination. You can get nail design ideas from ‘’.

1 Nail Color Hack

2 Nail Color Hack

Luckily, there are ways to discover your undertone. Cold undertone is often described as “blue” because of the color of veins of people with this undertone. It’s also called “pink undertone” because the skin of these people appears to be more pink-ish. These details may seem unrecognisable at first, but try looking at your skin in different lights, and you’ll discover your skin undertone.

3 Nail Color Hack

Warm undertone is sometimes also called “green” because of the color of vains of people with this undertone. Some call it “yellow undertone” because the skin of these people looks yellow-ish.

4 Nail Color Hack

Since the number one hack to choosing a nail color is finding your skin undertone, we need to make sure we do it right. You can also do this by comparing which jewellery looks best on you. If you find yourself looking great with silver jewellery, you probably have cold undertones. If gold jewellery looks best on you, your undertone is warm.

5 Nail Color Hack

6 Nail Color Hack

Girls with cold undertones should go for pastel nail colors. This is why their nails look their best in the springtime when we’re all experimenting with these nail colors. These girls can choose light yellows, light pastel greens and blues.

7 Nail Color Hack

Pastel colors aren’t the only nail colors that girls with cold undertones should go for! They can also choose to add some contrast to their hands. Choosing a warm-toned nail color can also have a great effect. Pairing only cold tones with cold tones can look boring. That’s why it’s good to experiment with unique color combinations.

8 Nail Color Hack

Girls with warm undertones are usually luckier when it comes to nail colors. They can pretty much wear any regular nail polish color and it will be stunning. This year is the year of nude nail colors. These are perfect for girls with warm undertones. Whichever warm nude nail color they choose, it will look great! But, there are some options that are better than others. Dark colored nails look absolutely fabulous on warm toned girls. They can pull it off better than anyone else.

9 Nail Color Hack

Here’s an extra hack: put some matt nail polish over your regular nail color. This will make your perfect nails stand out even more. This is also very trendy at the moment. This way you can take any nail color to the next level.

10 Nail Color Hack

Nail polishes are there so that we can play around with different colors. However, girls should know that some colors fit them better than others. The number one hack that you will ever see is to discover your skin undertone. When you do that, choosing the right nail color will be easier than ever. After using this hack, you’ll wonder how you ever chose nail colors without knowing this.

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