Most Subscribed Youtube Channels (Youtuber) In Last 24 Hours Ranking Top 3

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Most Subscribed Youtuber (Youtube Channels) In Last 24 Hours Ranking Top 3

T-Series is now the most subscribed channel with 73500000 subscribers and still, it’s growing. Now pewdiepie is 2nd most subscribed channel in the world.

Most Subscribed Youtube Channels

As everybody knows about the really big subscription fight between pewdiepie and the India based music company T-Series. which has taken so much hype in these days because T-series was about to surpass the most subscribed channel pewdiepie. Which was at the top from last 5 years. But now as everybody knows that T-series has surpassed pewdiepie and T-series is the Most Subscribed Youtube Channels In Last 24 Hours.

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Most Subscribed Youtuber

Now here we are presenting the ranking.
1. T-series:- After a long fight between pewdiepie and T-series it’s self. T-series has become the most subscribed channel in the world with 73500000 and it’s still growing. T-series real name is Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited. T-series having around 1 thousand employees in his office who’s are working around 24*7 for his. T-series is releasing All the Bollywood stuff like. Trailers, Songs, Short Movies and many more and he is working from 1984. His Owner’s name is Bhushan Kumar who’s is the son of the famous religious singer. Gulshan Kumar. Gulshan Kumar was murdered by the Indian mafia Mumbai underworld syndicate D-Company.


Most Subscribed

2. PewDiePie:- Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber, comedian and video game commentator. He was the number one youtuber from last five years. He joined youtube in 2010. PewDiePie is mostly known for his “Let’s play videos”. He was uploading nonsense, Goofy and filled with stupidness types of content but still, he got his success so much early. He got his one million subscribers after two years of his channel creation. As everybody knows that when PewDiePie was going to be surpassed by T-series everybody on youtubes supported him. Many Youtube channel said on his youtube channel to subscribe him. Just because he is the youtube creator and one man army and on the other side T-series is a company of at least 1000 employees even a group of hackers also hacked at least 50000 printers and told everyone to subscribe PewDiePie.



3. Justin Bieber:- Justin Bieber is the youngest rich artist and the most 3rd subscribed channel on youtube. He was mainly got famous after his song baby. Which was the most watched and disliked song in 2011. He was found it’s self by a producer on a youtube When he was a kid. He also had an affair with Selena Gomez Who is currently having the maximum numbers of Followers on Instagram. He is also having the maximum numbers of total views on youtube which is 5 billion.

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