13 Chilling Quotes From Serial Killers For Halloween 2018

Halloween Is A Time When People Can Scream And Shout Because They Believe That The Halloween Spirits Are Out To Catch You. With Halloween Approaching, We Are Presenting You Our Bone Chilling Quotes From Serial Killers.
This Theme Was Basically Associated With Ghosts And Devils, Bats, Vultures, Haunted Houses, Black Magic, Blood, Mythological Monsters, Monsters Of Dracula And Frankenstein And Horror Characters.
Check Out Our Most Wanted Serial Killers’ Quotes Below.

1. Ted Bunny:- I am the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you will ever meet. In this 1977 photo serial killer Ted Bundy, centre, is escorted out of court in Pitkin County, Colo. The Glenwood Springs Post-Independent discovered the 40-year-old photo of Bundy, along with others, that had been locked in an old safe in the newsroom, which a local locksmith volunteered to open. The photos show Bundy in custody in 1977, the year he escaped from local law enforcement twice while awaiting a murder trial.
Ted Bundy Photos

2. The Zodiac Killer:-If The Blue Meaning Are Going To Get Off Their Assess And Do Something.

Zodiac Killer Chilling Quotes From Serial Killers

3. Aileen Wuornos:- To Me. This World Is Nothing But Evil And My Own Evil Just Happened To Come Out Cause Of The Circumstances Of What I Was Doing.

Aileen Wuornos

4.Albert Fish:- I Like Children. They Are Tasty.

Albert Fish

Most Wanted Serial Killers For Halloween 2018

5. Albert Desalvo:- It Wasn’t As Dark And Scary As It Sounds. I Had A Lot Of Fun….. Killing Somebody’s A Funny Experience.

Alberto Di Salvo

6. Carl Panzram:- “I Am Sorry For Two Things. These Two Things Are, I Am Sorry That I Have Mistreated Some Few Animals In My Lifetime And I Am Sorry I Am Unable To Murder The Whole Dammed Human Race.”

Carl Panzram Chilling Quotes From Serial Killers

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7. Charle Manson:- “If You Are Going To Do Something, Do It Well And Leave Something Witchy.”

Charles Manson

8. Edumund Kemper:- “I Remember There Was Actually A Sexual Thrill… You Hear Little Pop And Pull Their Heads Off And Hold Their Heads Up By The Hair. Whipping Their Heads Off, Their Body Sitting There. That’d Get Me Off.”

Edmund Kemper

9.H.H. Holmes:- I Was Born With The Devil In Me. I Could Not Help The Fact That I Was Murdered, No More Than The Poet Can Help The Inspiration To Sing. I Was Born With The Devil One Standing As My Sponsor Beside The Bed Where I Was Ushered Into The World, And He Has Been With Me Since.

H. H. Holmes

10. Herbert Mullin:- I Saw The Light Over The Confessional And The Voice Said: That’s The Person To Kill.

Herbert Mullin Chilling Quotes From Serial Killers

Dangerous Serial Killers In All World For Halloween 2018

11. John Wayne Gacy:- A Clown Can Get Away With Murder.

John Wayne Gacy

12. Peter Kurten:- After my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound would of my own blood gushing from my neck? that would be the best pleasure to end all pleasure.

Peter Kurten

13. Richard Ramirez, Accused Of 14 Counts Of Murder In The “Night Stalker” Serial Killings, Is Flanked By Attorneys Daniel Hernandez, Left, And Arturo Hernandez During A Court Appearance In Los Angeles, Ca., Tuesday, Oct. 21, 1985. Ramirez Wants The Two Men To Represent Him Instead Of His Current Attorney, Joseph Gallegos. Municipal Court Judge Elva Soper Advised Ramirez To Refrain From Making A Hasty Second Change Of Defence Attorneys.

Ramirez Hernandez