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bird box funny movie memes
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If you haven’t heard, we’re telling you. Bird Box has become Netflix’s biggest movie in the first week of its release. For the first 7 days, the Sandra Belk-led horror movie has been viewed by more than 45 million people and it is not even taking into account the amount of people.
The beginning of the ‘Bird Box’ was very dark and it was very painful.
The cast made it easy to see the story. The reason why the Bird Box was such a hit was because it achieved a place of success earlier this year. But it was the social media that made this film a real success.
Within 24 hours of its release, Bird Box already received good wishes of all people and Bird Box Memes began circulating on social media, and within a few days, the entire film went viral.

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bird box funny movie memes

Bird Box | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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