52 Most Amazing Birthday Quotes For Friends & Loved Ones

i'm jsut so lucky to have such a geat friend like you; who would forgive even if i've forgotten your birtday.happy birthday
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52 Most Amazing Birthday Quotes For Friends & Loved Ones Today We Are Having For All Those people Who Want To Wish Birthday To Their Loved Ones

Birthday Quotes For Friends & Loved Ones

happy birthday my dear best friend love you lynette Birthday Quotes For Friends
1. Happy Birthday My Dear Best Friend Love You Lynette.

true friends help you in understanding the world in a better way. thanks for being with me, dear. happy birthday. Birthday Quotes For Friends
2. True Friends Help You In Understanding The World In A Better Way. Thanks For Being With Me, Dear. Happy Birthday.

keep clam and wish my best friend happy birthday Birthday Quotes For Friends
3. Keep Clam And Wish My Best Friend Happy Birthday.

i have been looking ahead to your birthday just fo i can swamp you in gifts. happy birthday to the best frends a being culd ever dream fo having. happy birthday Birthday Quotes For Friends
4. I Have Been Looking Ahead To Your Birthday Just So I Can Swamp You In Gifts. Happy Birthday To The Best Friends A Being Could Ever Dream So Having. Happy Birthday.

wishing you a day as special as you are birthday.. Birthday Quotes For Friends
5. Wishing You A Day As Special As You Are Birthday.

wishing you a birthdya filled with sweet momets and wonderfull memories to cherish always happy birthday Birthday Quotes For Friends
6. Wishing You A Birthday Filled With Sweet Moments And Wonderful Memories To Cherish Always Happy Birthday.

today is a perfect day to tell that you are nothing less than one of my family member i wish you a very warm and happy 20th birthday. Birthday Quotes For Friends
7. Today Is A Perfect Day To Tell That You Are Nothing Less Than One Of My Family Member I Wish You A Very Warm And Happy 20th Birthday.

a birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. enjoy the trip... happy birthday
8. A Birthday Is Just The First Day Of Another 365 Day Journey Around The Sun. Enjoy The Trip… Happy Birthday…

because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year; the some energy that god invested in you at birth is persent once again. menachem men
9. Because Time Itself Is Like A Spiral, Something Special Happens On Your Birthday Each Year; The Some Energy That God Invested In You At Birth Is present Once Again.     Menachem Mendel Schneerson

happy birthday my dear friend wishing you a birthday filled with sweet moments and wonderful memories
10. Happy Birthday My Dear Friend Wishing You A Birthday Filled With Sweet Moments And Wonderful Memories.

Birthday Quotes For Friends

happy birthday dear friend i must be lucky to have a friend like you. i must be really lucky have you as best friend happy birthday to you my dear friend.
11. Happy Birthday Dear Friend I Must Be Lucky To Have A Friend Like You. I Must Be Really Lucky Have You As Best Friend Happy Birthday To You My Dear Friend.Birthday Quotes For Friends

may you have all the joy you heart can hold all the smiles a day cna bring all the blessings a life can unfold may you get the world's best in everything...
12. May You Have All The Joy You Heart Can Hold All The Smiles A Day Cna Bring All The Blessings A Life Can Unfold May You Get The World’s Best In Everything..Birthday Quotes For Friends

soon you're going to start a new year of your life and i hope this coming year will bring every success you deserve. happy birthday to my best friend.
13. Soon You’re Going To Start A New Year Of Your Life And I Hope This Coming Year Will Bring Every Success You Deserve. Happy Birthday To My Best Friend.Birthday Quotes For Friends

happy birthday.... may alll ur dreams happy birthday.. may all are drems nas wishes cum true.. enhjoy ur day....
14. Happy Birthday…. May All Ur Dreams Happy Birthday.. May All Are Dreams And Wishes Cum True.. Enjoy Ur Day.Birthday Quotes For Friends

enjoy every mement or your life may everyday bring domething new adn exiting for you may this birthday out to be as amazing as you.. happy birthday
15. Enjoy Every Moment Or Your Life May Everyday Bring Something New And Exiting For You May This Birthday Out To Be As Amazing As You.. Happy Birthday.Birthday Quotes For Friends

if i was asked to write a birthday wish for you, i'd jut draw a heart. becaude that's what friendship means to me. happy birthday
16. If I Was Asked To Write A Birthday Wish For You, I’D Jut Draw A Heart. Because That’s What Friendship Means To Me. Happy Birthday.

my best friend the person with whom i would have definitely made out if she was a guy. wish you a very happy birthday, dear friend.
17. My Best Friend The Person With Whom I Would Have Definitely Made Out If She Was A Guy. Wish You A Very Happy Birthday, Dear Friend.Birthday Quotes For Friends

today, you have added another year to your age.. may it come with hope. joy and enormous wishes of life for you... happy birthday to you...
18. Today, You Have Added Another Year To Your Age.. May It Come With Hope. Joy And Enormous Wishes Of Life For You… Happy Birthday To You!!Birthday Quotes For Friends

wishing on your birthday u not only bigger but also better birghter, beartiful. intellingent and brilliant.. have a birthday blast...
19. Wishing On Your Birthday U Not Only Bigger But Also Better Brighter, Beautiful. Intelligent And Brilliant.. Have A Birthday Blast.Birthday Quotes For Friends

a big happy birthday to my amazing sister and amy best friend throught he years, some say that wishes are for the stars, but i can wish you too. becouse happy birthday sister.
20. A Big Happy Birthday To My Amazing Sister And Amy Best Friend Through He Years, Some Say That Wishes Are For The Stars, But I Can Wish You Too. Because Happy Birthday Sister.Birthday Quotes For Friends

Birthday Quotes For Loved Ones

my best friend deserves the best birthday in the world, and my goal is to ginve it to you. happy birthday, and get ready to celebrate the party starts as soon as we're togethe
21. My Best Friend Deserves The Best Birthday In The World, And My Goal Is To Give It To You. Happy Birthday, And Get Ready To Celebrate The Party Starts As Soon As We’re Together.

a sweet birth day wish from my side lets go for a fun ride lets dance & enjoy your day coz lts ur speciall birth day happy birthday
22. A Sweet Birth Day Wish From My Side Lets Go For A Fun Ride Lets Dance &Amp; Enjoy Your Day Coz its Ur Special Birth Day Happy Birthday.

happy birthday you've been trying to greet a hun dred poeple before. its time to bring those greetings back to you. we love you friend.
23. Its Time To Bring Those Greetings Back To You. We Love You Friend.

hope your birthday is as happy as i am to have you as a friend have a good day happy birthday
24. Hope Your Birthday Is As Happy As I Am To Have You As A Friend Have A Good Day Happy Birthday.

wishing you an awesome day, with good luck on your way, stay blessed and happy this day, my dear friend on your birthday today..
25. Wishing You An Awesome Day, With Good Luck On Your Way, Stay Blessed And Happy This Day, My Dear Friend On Your Birthday Today!

happy birthday you are and amazing friend, with a good heart, may god pour his love and warmth on you, in all walks of life.
26. Happy Birthday You Are And Amazing Friend, With A Good Heart, May God Pour His Love And Warmth On You, In All Walks Of Life.

best friends never neede to be told that they are best friends so, i don't need to tell you right have a fantastic birthday.buddy.
27. Best Friends Never Need To Be Told That They Are Best Friends So, I Don’t Need To Tell You Right Have A Fantastic Birthday. Buddy!

i'm so very lucky i'm so happy too, to have a great friend someone as wonderful as you happy birthday dear friend
28. I’M So Very Lucky I’M So Happy Too, To Have A Great Friend Someone As Wonderful As You Happy Birthday Dear Friend.

birthday wishes i take my pen in hand, thats what the grown falks say to wish that all good things my come to you, on your birthday.
29. Birthday Wishes I Take My Pen In Hand, That’s What The Grown Folks Say To Wish That All Good Things My Come To You, On Your Birthday.

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you.. happy birthday dear frend. happy birthday to you. from good friends and true; from old friends and new; may good luck go with y
30. Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You.. Happy Birthday Dear Friend. Happy Birthday To You. From Good Friends And True; From Old Friends And New; May Good Luck Go With You; And Happiness. Too!

Birthday Quotes

to my best friend all your other friends will promise to attend your parties but leave shortly after i pormise to stay back even after the party's over.
31. To My Best Friend All Your Other Friends Will Promise To Attend Your Parties But Leave Shortly After I Promise To Stay Back Even After The Party’s Over.

i promise to lifht up your life even after you blow the cndles away happy birthday
32. I Promise To Light Up Your Life Even After You Blow The Candles Away Happy Birthday.

just to keep you smiling all your through happy birthday
33. Just To Keep You Smiling All Your Through Happy Birthday.

dear firend our friendship is my life's biggest prizw you are nothing shor of an angel in my eyes... happy birthday
34. Dear Friend Our Friendship Is My Life’s Biggest Prize You Are Nothing Short Of An Angel In My Eyes… Happy Birthday

i'm jsut so lucky to have such a geat friend like you; who would forgive even if i've forgotten your birtday.happy birthday
35. I’M Just So Lucky To Have Such A Great Friend Like You; Who Would Forgive Even If I’ve Forgotten Your Birthday.Happy Birthday.

a friend is somenone who understands your past, believe in you futrue, and accepts you just the way you are even if you are getting older.
36. A Friend Is Someone Who Understands Your Past, Believe In You Future, And Accepts You Just The Way You Are Even If You Are Getting Older.

we hope you make it to a hundred and two, because we cannot even dreams what life would be like without you... happy birthday my dear friend
37. We Hope You Make It To A Hundred And Two, Because We Cannot Even Dreams What Life Would Be Like Without You… Happy Birthday My Dear Friend.

i just want to say, happy birthday to you. my dear, dear friend you have always been there for me. and our friendship will never end...
38. I Just Want To Say, Happy Birthday To You. My Dear, Dear Friend You Have Always Been There For Me. And Our Friendship Will Never End.

happy birthday to a dear friend you'll be special to me until the end. celebrate today and know this is true my life has been blessed, because of you.
39. Happy Birthday To A Dear Friend You’ll Be Special To Me Until The End. Celebrate Today And Know This Is True My Life Has Been Blessed, Because Of You.

desting my have made you my mom, but i chose to have you as my best firend too happy birthday
40. Desting My Have Made You My Mom, But I Chose To Have You As My Best Friend Too Happy Birthday.


twently, thirty or forty how does it matter as long as you have a positive attitude life will always keep getting better.. happy birthday
41. Twenty, Thirty Or Forty How Does It Matter As Long As You Have A Positive Attitude Life Will Always Keep Getting Better.. Happy Birthday.

on the special day.. wishing you all the happiness & joy.. your friendship birngs to me may all your dremas come true. happy birthday..
42. On The Special Day.. Wishing You All The Happiness &Amp; Joy.. Your Friendship Brings To Me May All Your Dreams Come True. Happy Birthday.

these angels are coming your way... with lots of love from me to say... have a very happy birthday.
43. These Angels Are Coming Your Way… With Lots Of Love From Me To Say… Have A Very Happy Birthday.

happy birthday my dear friend. i dont know just how much you mean to me. i can imagine where i would be without you. you have changed my life for the better.
44. Happy Birthday My Dear Friend. I Don’t Know Just How Much You Mean To Me. I Can Imagine Where I Would Be Without You. You Have Changed My Life For The Better.

you may not be the only friend i have but you are definitely the only friend i need happy birthday
45. You May Not Be The Only Friend I Have But You Are Definitely The Only Friend I Need Happy Birthday

here's wishing you a day that's as special as you are... happy birthday
46. Here’s Wishing You A Day That’s As Special As You Are… Happy Birthday

since to me, you ar such an amazing friend i am going to wish you before the countdown to yours birthday ends.. happy birthday.
47. Since To Me, You Ar Such An Amazing Friend I Am Going To Wish You Before The Countdown To Yours Birthday Ends.. Happy Birthday

happy birthday to you. from good friends and true, form old friends and new may good luck go with you and happiness too.
48. Happy Birthday To You. From Good Friends And True, Form Old Friends And New May Good Luck Go With You And Happiness Too.

never doubt on yourself. you're always the best just continue be like that. happy birthday my best friend
49. Never Doubt On Yourself. You’re Always The Best Just Continue Be Like That. Happy Birthday My Best Friend

wishing you success,joy and happiness always.. happy birthay
50. Wishing You Success,Joy And Happiness Always.. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Quotes For Friends , Loved Ones & Girl Friend

happy birthday best friend a little crazy, a lot funny, a little nutty, a lot brainy a little tangy, a lot loving that's my best friend, most interstingly.
51. Happy Birthday Best Friend A Little Crazy, A Lot Funny, A Little Nutty, A Lot Brainy A Little Tangy, A Lot Loving That’S My Best Friend, Most Interestingly.

why is a birthday cake the only food you can blow on and spit on and everybody rushes to get a piece.
52. Why Is A Birthday Cake The Only Food You Can Blow On And Spit On And Everybody Rushes To Get A Piece.

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