7 Very Interesting Products On Amazon You Must Buy Right Now

1. Viking Cup Drinking Horn Tankard

Viking Cup Drinking Horn 001

Viking Cup Drinking Horn 002

Viking Cup Drinking Horn 003
Looking for a Viking drinking mug to bring you back to the medieval ages? Look no further! Valhalla Drink ware brings you authentic Viking drink ware. Our 100% natural, handcrafted Ox horn mugs will serve as a perfect and usable replica of a Viking drinking mug.


Yes, this is our extra large version—standing at over 6’’ tall, and holding 16 oz (1 Pint) you can fill it with large amounts of your favorite ale and slosh it around and be merry like they did at the table in the medieval times!


Our product is 100% authentic, unique, and awesome. It serves as a perfect gift for any lover of the medieval or viking ages!

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2. Zappa Bottle Opener Cap Launcher Beer Openers

Bottle Cap Gun 001

Bottle Cap Gun 002

Bottle Cap Gun 003

It’s our favourite time of the day, beer’o’clock, and we have the perfect accessory to make this special time even more exciting! It’s called the Cap Zappa and its dual functionality enables you to open beers and shoot out bottle tops. As the bottles empty, line them up take aim and fire! So next time you need to crack open a bevvy forget the standard bottle opener and choose the Cap Zappa instead. The larger than normal bottle opener gives more grip and holds the metal crown in place once removed, all with minimal effort. Great fun just for firing or even using as a drinking game, the Cap Zappa can shoot over 5 metres!


* Material:         ABS
* Item Type:     Cap Zappa – Bottle Opener & Cap Shooter
* Size:                 Approx. 6.5 x 0.8 x 1.9 inches
* Color:              Orange and White

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3. Custom Golden Eye 007 Logo Sport Wristwatch

GoldenEye 007 Watch 001

GoldenEye 007 Watch 002

GoldenEye 007 Watch 003
The watch casing measures approx. 4cm in diameter watch band fits most wrists from approx. 8/9cm. The watch band is made of black Metal Alloy The battery for the watch is included. Flat image on background. Not 3D


Personality custom
Gift watch
Printed Image at glossy paper
Big Face
Rubber band

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4. Cast Iron Mouse Decorative Door Stop

Cast Iron Mouse Decorative Door Stop 001

Cast Iron Mouse Decorative Door Stop 002

Cast Iron Mouse Decorative Door Stop 003


Door stops should be both practical and pretty because they guests see them on their way to the house. This is because a doorstop doesn’t just serve to keep your doors open but they are a way of adding nice decorative touch for your home. You don’t need to have a boring doorstep. Your home deserves elegant décor, even it if is as simple as a door stop. This is great a great floor door stop for an adult bedroom, bathroom, kid’s bedroom room or patio door. Also Read Rfid Label


This iron door stop is not only a great decorative piece, it is also a very functional item. It’s heavy weight will keep your doors open with ease, while it’s felt padded bottom will protect your floors form scratches and damage.


Cast iron doorstop can act as a great gift for your loved ones especially in occasions such as Christmas and house warming. As we are offering this hand crafted cast iron door stopper in several colors, this cast iron door stopper can match any door color or interior design. And how about getting a few of these to match in different locations in your home or office? Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, House-Warming Party, Wedding – this door wedge is a great gift for any occasion

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5. Set of 7 PCS Acrylic Dragon Ball Crystal Ball

Dragon Ball Z Set 001

Dragon Ball Z Set 002

Dragon Ball Z Set 003
For cosplay from DragonBall Z. It seems have a great enchantment Can be used as decorations. Hard, crystal clear, not easy to break, Great gift for collectors or fans.


Material:               Acrylic
Ball Diameter:     3.5cm
Package Size:      approx.(LWH) 18165cm
Color:                     As the pictures show
Weight:                  400g

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6. An Exquisite Mini-Pipe Saxophone Shape

Novelty Saxophone 001

Novelty Saxophone 002

Novelty Saxophone 003
An exquisite mini-pipe saxophone shape, showing your high accomplishment! This is a product you deserve. Perfectly pocket sized and secretly stylish smokes pipe mini bottle looks just like of a real Saxophone.


Shape:             Saxophone
Material:        Aluminum
Color:              Gold
Size:                 69mm x 14mm (2.71″ x 0.55″)
Weight:           20 grams (0.70 oz.)

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7. Adidog Large Dog Hoodies Sweatshirt Pet Winter Coat

Pet Hoodies 001

Pet Hoodies 002

Pet Hoodies 003
This chic adidog coat will make your dog cozy and warm in cold and rainy weather. The T-shirts not only look great, they are also practical in many ways. They can help to ease scratching for dogs with itchy skin conditions and are useful in protecting body wounds after operations.
Note: Colour may be lighter or darker due to the different PC display.
Wash it by hand in 30-degree water, hang to dry in shade.Prohibit bleaching.


Material: 100% Cotton (Soft Cotton material, keep your puppy more warm, makes your pet looks handsome and fashionable.)
Color Choice: Red / Black / Yellow / Gray
Note:Size:3XL-9XL (please see the detail size information in the description below and Choose size very carefully when you buy)

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