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Legal Sayings  it is legal because i wish it
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Top Legal Sayings and Quotes By Popular Authors. Read and Share These Wonderful Legal Quotes With Your Friends On Facebook. Marriage Equality Is Not A Choice. It Is A Legal Right. Cory Booker

59 Famous Legal Sayings You Have To Read

Legal Sayings advertising is legalized lying
1. Advertising Is Legalized Lying

Legal Sayings tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government
2. Tyranny Is Defined As That Which Is Legal For The Government

Legal Sayings a successful lawsuit is the one worn by a policeman
3. A Successful Lawsuit Is The One Worn By A Policeman

Legal Sayings a man respect for law and order exists in preside
4. Man Respect For Law And Order Exists In Preside

Legal Sayings if a law is unjust a man
5. If A Law Is Unjust A Man

Legal Sayings legal and illegal activities had become
6. Legal And Illegal Activities Had Become

Legal Sayings we all know how powerful the web can be for raising political money
7. We All Know How Powerful The Web Can Be For Raising Political Money

Legal Sayings when a law is unjust it is only
8. When A Law Is Unjust It Is Only

Legal Sayings crime and legal stories broadly speaking are just
9. Crime And Legal Stories Broadly Speaking Are Just

Legal Sayings good lawyers know the law great
10. Good Lawyers Know The Law Great

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Legal Sayings you can't escape moral judgment
11. You Can’t Escape Moral Judgment

Legal Sayings it is fraud to conceal fraud
12. It Is Fraud To Conceal Fraud

Legal Sayings law is not lass if it violates the principles
13. Law Is Not Lass If It Violates The Principles

Legal Sayings i hope ga marriage will b legal in
14. I Hope Ga Marriage Will B Legal In

Legal Sayings change is the law of life and those who look only to the past
15. Change Is The Law Of Life And Those Who Look Only To The Past

Legal Sayings i law nothing i certain but
16. I Law Nothing I Certain But

Legal Sayings its extremely dangerous trying
17. Its Extremely Dangerous Trying

Legal Sayings women prefer men who have something tender about them especially
18. Women Prefer Men Who Have Something Tender About Them Especially

Legal Sayings i chose to go to law school
19. I Chose To Go To Law School

Legal Sayings marriage equality is not a choice it is a legal right
20. Marriage Equality Is Not A Choice. It Is A Legal Right. Cory Booker

Legal Sayings wrong heartbreak rudeness
21. Wrong Heartbreak Rudeness

Legal Sayings in legal practice in the representation
22. In Legal Practice In The Representation

Legal Sayings narrative prose is a legal wife while drama is a posturing boisterous
23. Narrative Prose Is A Legal Wife While Drama Is A Posturing Boisterous

Legal Sayings compromise is the best and cheapest
24. Compromise Is The Best And Cheapest

Legal Sayings lets create a legal system that can
25. Lets Create A Legal System That Can

Legal Sayings people are getting smarter nowadays
26. People Are Getting Smarter Nowadays

Legal Sayings when plunder becomes a way of life men create for themes
27. When Plunder Becomes A Way Of Life Men Create For Themes

Legal Sayings if we desire respect for the law we
28. If We Desire Respect For The Law We

Legal Sayings never be afraid to raise your
29. Never Be Afraid To Raise Your

Legal Sayings may it please the court
30. May It Please The Court

Best Legal Quotes

Legal Sayings the legal difference between the satins
31. The Legal Difference Between The Satins

Legal Sayings justice that love gives is a
32. Justice That Love Gives Is A

Legal Sayings ethics is knowing the difference
33. Ethics Is Knowing The Difference

Legal Sayings it's an a immutable law in business that
34. It’s An A Immutable Law In Business That

Legal Sayings an unjust law is itself a species of violence arrest for its breach
35. Unjust Law Is Itself A Species Of Violence Arrest For Its Breach

Legal Sayings a good lawyer is a bad
36. A Good Lawyer Is A Bad

Legal Sayings if you must break the law do it to seize power in all
37. If You Must Break The Law Do It To Seize Power In All

Legal Sayings never forget that everything Hitler did in
38. Never Forget That Everything Hitler Did In

Legal Sayings i thought well maybe the law could catch up
39. I Thought Well Maybe The Law Could Catch Up

Legal Sayings i do think there's a difference between
40. I Do Think There’s A Difference Between

Legal Sayings lawsuit a machine which you go into
41. Lawsuit A Machine Which You Go Into

Legal Sayings the job of the attorney general
42. The Job Of The Attorney General

Legal Sayings if a law is unjust a man is not only
43. If A Law Is Unjust A Man Is Not Only

Legal Sayings potentially a government is the most
44. Potentially A Government Is The Most

Legal Sayings the best interpreter of the law is custom
45. The Best Interpreter Of The Law Is Custom

Legal Sayings more guns means less crime Alex Jones
46. More Guns Means Less Crime Alex Jones

Legal Sayings where there is a will there is a lawsuit
47. Where There Is A Will There Is A Lawsuit

Legal Sayings love is moral even without legal marriage but marriage is immoral without love
48. Love Is Moral Even Without Legal Marriage But Marriage Is Immoral Without Love

Legal Sayings it is legal because i wish it
49. It Is Legal Because I Wish It

Legal Sayings never forget that everything Hitler
50. Never Forget That Everything Hitler

Legal Sayings the good of the people is the
51. The Good Of The People Is The

Legal Sayings well i think the great traded in American politics is what is legal not what is illegal
52. Well I Think The Great Traded In American Politics Is What Is Legal Not What Is Illegal

Legal Sayings in the us you even lose right if
53. In The Us You Even Lose Right If

Legal Sayings I’ve become so earthy and i never was
54. I’ve Become So Earthy And I Never Was

Legal Sayings there Aare several authors who are also lawyers and not only
55. There Are Several Authors Who Are Also Lawyers And Not Only

Legal Sayings it is legal because i wish it
56. It Is Legal Because I Wish It

Legal Sayings justice cannot be for one side alone but must be for both
57. Justice Cannot Be For One Side Alone But Must Be For Both

Legal Sayings justice is better when it prevents rather than punishes
58. Justice Is Better When It Prevents Rather Than Punishes

Legal Sayings a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit
59. A Lean Compromise Is Better Than A Fat Lawsuit

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