55 Very Unique Emoji Sayings, Quotes And Quotations

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Emoji Sayings, Quotes And Quotations Today We Are Having For All Our Viweres. Share It With Your Close Friends And Relatives.

Emoji Sayings

Emoji Quotes Im cutting mfs off got beef don't call me need to vent call god
1. Im Cutting Mfs Off Got Beef Don’t Call Me Need To Vent Call God

Emoji Quotes Rate me love crazy cool hate you good weird devil i have thing for you your out of this world
2. Rate Me Love Crazy Cool Hate You Good Weird Devil I Have Thing For You Your Out Of This World

Emoji Quotes Hey guys thanks for the what are you talking about is this not wu tang no it's alisha
3. Hey Guys Thanks For The What Are You Talking About Is This Not Wu Tang No It’s Alisha

Emoji Quotes I am a down ass girlfriend i expect nothing big from my man all i need is respect
4. I Am A Down Ass Girlfriend I Expect Nothing Big From My Man All I Need Is Respect

Emoji Quotes At night everybody is either hungry horny sleep high otp or in their thoughts
5. At Night Everybody Is Either Hungry Horny Sleep High Otp Or In Their Thoughts

Emoji Quotes You got a problem w me address it don't go around and telling other people things about me
6. You Got A Problem W Me Address It Don’t Go Around And Telling Other People Things About Me

Emoji Quotes Play that funky play that funky til i die
7. Play That Funky Play That Funky Til I Die

Emoji Quotes Come cuddle in my bed i want to keep all of you warm baby wrap yourself around me
8. Come Cuddle In My Bed I Want To Keep All Of You Warm Baby Wrap Yourself Around Me

Emoji Quotes I have nutella in my mouth right now how come you're not on skype
9. I Have Nutella In My Mouth Right Now How Come You’re Not On Skype

Emoji Quotes Through cause i am a and you gonna me turn word to emoji
10. Through Cause I Am A And You Gonna Me Turn Word To Emoji

Emoji Quotes Whenever people find out who you're dating talking to everybody got a rumor to tell about
11. Whenever People Find Out Who You’re Dating Talking To Everybody Got A Rumor To Tell About

Emoji Quotes Want post with fun message it see can you if buy
12. Want Post With Fun Message It See Can You If Buy

Emoji Quotes If your mine that ex gotta go them hoes gotta go that freak in ya inbox
13. If Your Mine That Ex Gotta Go Them Hoes Gotta Go That Freak In Ya Inbox

Emoji Quotes Funny Her me emoji picture
14. Funniest Her Me Emoji Image

Emoji Quotes Emoji tbh eww cute hot crushing love you leave me alone perfect annoying
15. Emoji Tbh Eww Cute Hot Crushing Love You Leave Me Alone Perfect Annoying

Emoji Quotes Beginning to feel like a all my from the to the nod nod now their are long enough
16. Beginning To Feel Like A All My From The To The Nod Nod Now Their Are Long Enough

Emoji Quotes That beefing & fighting shit dead be pretty stack money let that lil shit fly
17. That Beefing &Amp; Fighting Shit Dead Be Pretty Stack Money Let That Lil Shit Fly

Emoji Quotes We don't talk anyone cool you feel some type way towards me cool you want to throw
18. We Don’t Talk Anyone Cool You Feel Some Type Way Towards Me Cool You Want To Throw

Emoji Quotes Here's a little all about how my life got side so i'd like to take a just and i'll tell you
19. Here’s A Little All About How My Life Got Side So I’d Like To Take A Just And I’ll Tell You

Emoji Quotes When you tap the globe you'll see all sorts of cool smileys ok cool and thanks your welcome
20. When You Tap The Globe You’ll See All Sorts Of Cool Smileys Ok Cool And Thanks Your Welcome

Emoji Quotes Work hard eat work out sleep repeat
21. Work Hard Eat Work Out Sleep Repeat

Emoji Quotes She turned her cant's into cans & her dreams into plans
22. She Turned Her Cant’s Into Cans &Amp; Her Dreams Into Plans

Emoji Quotes To do today tell someone you're beautiful tell to someone i love you
23. To Do Today Tell Someone You’re Beautiful Tell To Someone I Love You

Emoji Quotes I will never believe i'm the only one IDGAF what you're telling me
24. I Will Never Believe I’m The Only One IDGAF What You’re Telling Me

Emoji Quotes Sayings 2
25. Its Tight I Say Yeah N****a You Right!! He Say Damn Bae You So Little

Emoji Quotes Bigla sys natakot dahi baka sila ni kaya nag pa check up sya ng biglang my
26. Bigla Sys Natakot Dahi Baka Sila Ni Kaya Nag Pa Check Up Sya Ng Biglang My

Emoji Quotes Sayings 4
27. Real Niggas Dont Have A Side Bitch, Or A Main Bitch, Or A Something To Do When His Girl Not Around

Emoji Quotes So you life was gonna this your job's a you're your's D
28. So You Life Was Gonna This Your Job’s A You’re Your’s D

Emoji Sayings Now this is the all about how my life got side and i'd like to take a just to right there
29. Now This Is The All About How My Life Got Side And I’d Like To Take A Just To Right There

Emoji Sayings Beefing with me is pointless i'm over here chilling and you over there mad
30. Beefing With Me Is Pointless I’m Over Here Chilling And You Over There Mad

Emoji Sayings Minaj her i'd admit it we get just we and i'm serious i'm with it if you
31. Minaj Her I’d Admit It We Get Just We And I’m Serious I’m With It If You

Emoji Sayings I hate when people say i look mean or stuck up bitch i look like i'm minding
32. I Hate When People Say I Look Mean Or Stuck Up Bitch I Look Like I’m Minding

Emoji Sayings I'm a idc person i trip for a brief second & be like whatever
33. I’m A Idc Person I Trip For A Brief Second &Amp; Be Like Whatever

Emoji Sayings If you my girl imma show you off to the world imma let everyone know that you're mines
34. If You My Girl Imma Show You Off To The World Imma Let Everyone Know That You’re Mines

Emoji Sayings Real niggas don't have a side bitch or a main bitch or a something to do when his girl not around
35. Real Niggas Don’t Have A Side Bitch Or A Main Bitch Or A Something To Do When His Girl Not Around

Emoji Sayings A the a the starting the way you at me now over the a the need
36. A The A The Starting The Way You At Me Now Over The A The Need

Emoji Sayings There are plenty of fish in the sea but is my fish don't touch my fish
37. There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea But Is My Fish Don’t Touch My Fish

Emoji Sayings I don't play games you're either mine or you leave if a girl is flirting w you
38. I Don’t Play Games You’re Either Mine Or You Leave If A Girl Is Flirting W You

Emoji Quotes Sayings 1
39. First Couple Days Good Morning Beautiful Few Weeks In Good Morning Babe Couple Months In Morning Bout A Year GM

Emoji Sayings I know bitches don't like me but the same bitches that don't like me be worrying
40. I Know Bitches Don’t Like Me But The Same Bitches That Don’t Like Me Be Worrying

Emoji Sayings I pray my daughter never settle for a nothing ass nigga & i play my son never settle for an everybody ass bitch
41. I Pray My Daughter Never Settle For A Nothing Ass Nigga &Amp; I Play My Son Never Settle For An Everybody Ass Bitch

Emoji Sayings About being single cutting people off not trusting people
42. About Being Single Cutting People Off Not Trusting People

Emoji Sayings I started treating people how they treat me
43. I Started Treating People How They Treat Me

Emoji Quotes Sayings 5
44. These Two Emojis Literally Define My Entire Life

Emoji Sayings When i'm mad i either go so frustrated and cry
45. When I’m Mad I Either Go So Frustrated And Cry

Emoji Sayings It was time to marry the game & i said yeah i do it's crazy you niggas think i care
46. It Was Time To Marry The Game & I Said Yeah I Do It’s Crazy You Niggas Think I Care

Emoji Sayings Any nigga can fuck & feed u but it
47. Any Nigga Can Fuck & Feed U But It Takes A Real Nigga To Make U Wanna Be A Better

Emoji Sayings I'm attract too the clingy ones o
48. I’m Attract Too The Clingy Ones O Love Good Morning Good Night Texts

Emoji Sayings I peep game faster
49. I Peep Game Faster Than You Can Run It

Emoji Sayings I'm trying to be mad at you so
50. I’m Trying To Be Mad At You So Stop You Ugly Donkey Donkey

Emoji Sayings Can show the tell me
51. Can Show The Tell Me Now When Did Let Decide

Emoji Sayings I want years not weeks i
52. I Want Years Not Weeks I Want Real Not Fake I Want Arguments Not Secrets.Emoji Sayings

Emoji Sayings When life imitates emoji
53. When Life Imitates Emoji.Emoji Sayings

Emoji Sayings Got it oh
54. Got It Oh Goodness Me Gusta Kitties Lol Omg.Emoji Sayings

Emoji Sayings Best friends fight for
55. Best Friends Fight For You Respect You Include You Encourage You.Emoji Sayings.Emoji Sayings

Emoji Quotes Sayings 3
56. Emoji Quotes Bitch Please.Emoji Sayings

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