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Funny Baseball Quotes
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Funny Baseball Quotes And Sayings : Baseball Was Made For Kids, And Grown Ups Only Screw It Up. Little League Baseball Is A Very Good Thing Because It Keeps The Parents Off The Streets. Yogi Berra

54 Funny Baseball Quotes

when they start the game, they don't yell, work ball. they say, play ball. willie stargell
1. When They Start The Game, They Don’t Yell, Work Ball. They Say, Play Ball.   Willie Stargell

baseball was made for kids and grown ups only screw it up bob lemon
2. Baseball Was Made For Kids, And Grown Ups Only Screw It Up.   Bob Lemon

russell, if you joined the pirates with the intention of winning... you're gonna have a bad time.
3. Russell, If You Joined The Pirates With The Intention Of Winning… You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time.

i don't always threo a baseball... but when i do, i make the most awkeard face possible...
4. I Don’t Always Throw A Baseball… But When I Do, I Make The Most Awkward Face Possible…

it ain't like football. you can't make up no trick plays. yogi berra
5. It Ain’t Like Football. You Can’t Make Up No Trick Plays.   Yogi Berra

oh you play baseball thats nice.
6. Oh You Play Baseball. That’s Nice.

the great thing about baseball is that there's a crisis every day. gabe paul
7. The Great Thing About Baseball Is That There’s A Crisis Every Day.    Gabe Paul

in baseball, a tie goes to the runner this isn't baseball
8. In Baseball, A Tie Goes To The Runner. This Isn’t Baseball.

well, boys, it's a round ball and a round bat and you got to hit the ball square. joe schultz
9. Well, Boys, It’s A Round Ball And A Round Bat And You Got To Hit The Ball Square.   Joe Schultz

i wondered why the baseball was getting bigger then it hit me
10. I Wondered Why The Baseball Was Getting Bigger Then It Hit Me.
the moment you realize how lucky you are to be sitting next to some ramdom badass.
11. The Moment You Realize How Lucky You Are To Be Sitting Next To Some Random Bad ass.

i'm a glove rindin uniform washin gatorade gettin picture takin umpire bashin team cheerin......
12. I’M A Glove fin din Uniform Wash-in Gatorade Get-tin Picture Ta kin Umpire Ba shin Team Cheer in……

Funniest Baseball Quotes

there's no crying in baseball a league of thrir own 1992
13. There’s No Crying In Baseball A League Of Their Own 1992.

baseball is ninety percent mental the other half is physical. yogi berra
14. Baseball Is Ninety Percent Mental The Other Half Is Physical.   Yogi Berra

back just in time for an intense battle for 3rd in the nl east.. with the mets.
15. Back Just In Time For An Intense Battle For 3rd In The Nl East.. With The Mets..

trying to sneak a pitch past hank aaron is like trying ot sneak a sunrise past a rooster. joe adcock and curt simmons
16. Trying To Sneak A Pitch Past Hank Aaron Is Like Trying To Sneak A Sunrise Past A Rooster.   Joe Adcock And Curt Simmons

baseball is like a poker game. nobody wants to quit when he's losing; nobody wants you to quit when you're ahead. jackie robinson
17. Baseball Is Like A Poker Game. Nobody Wants To Quit When He’s Losing; Nobody Wants You To Quit When You’re Ahead.    Jackie Robinson

i must go my planet needs me
18. I Must Go My Planet Needs Me.

little league baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets yogi berra
19. Little League Baseball Is A Very Good Thing Because It Keeps The Parents Off The Streets.   Yogi Berra

baseball moms way more badass than the mafia.
20. Baseball Moms Way More Bad ass Than The Mafia.

houston astros blocking baseball field goals since 2012
21. Houston Astros Blocking Baseball Field Goals Since 2012.

what a pro baseball player would tell you about acoomplishing your dreams
22. What A Pro Baseball Player Would Tell You About Accomplishing Your Dreams.

that awkward moment when you realize nolan ryan has no cy young awards
23. That Awkward Moment When You Realize Nolan Ryan Has No Cy Young Awards.

it's okay if you think baseball is boring it's kind of a smart person's sport.
24. It’s Okay If You Think Baseball Is Boring It’s Kind Of A Smart Person’s Sport..

Hilarious Baseball Quotes

reads baseball meme thread this school has athletics
25. Reads Baseball Meme Thread This School Has Athletics?

little league baseball is a very good thing beacuse it keeps the parents off the streets. yogi berra
26. Little League Baseball Is A Very Good Thing Because It Keeps The Parents Off The Streets.   Yogi Berra

still a better player alex rodriguez
27. Still A Better Player Alex Rodriguez.

eats shrooms in dugout chased by demon bat
28. Eats Sh rooms In Dugout Chased By Demon Bat.

baseball is like church. many attend few understand. leo durocher
29. Baseball Is Like Church. Many Attend Few Understand.   Leo Durocher

the key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, anda three run homers. earl weaver
30. The Key To Winning Baseball Games Is Pitching, Fundamentals, And Three Run Homers.  Earl Weaver

i'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball. pete rose Funny Baseball Quotes
31. ‘D Walk Through Hell In A Gasoline Suit To Play Baseball.   Pete Rose

hey trout hows only making 480000 going for you i dont know, hows batting below .270 going for you
32. Hey Trout Hows Only Making 480000 Going For You I Don’t Know, Hows Batting Below .270 Going For You?

go and watch baseball thay said ir will be fun they said
33. Go And Watch Baseball They Said Ir Will Be Fun They Said.

baseball mom's cheer loud and proud.
34. Baseball Mom’s Cheer Loud And Proud!

if you keep a baseball bat in your car, also keep a baseball glove your lawyer will thank you.
35. If You Keep A Baseball Bat In Your Car, Also Keep A Baseball Glove Your Lawyer Will Thank You.

hard lesson never throw shit at a black men with a bat.
36. Hard Lesson Never Throw Shit At A Black Men With A Bat.

Very Funny Baseball Sayings

if a tie is like kissing you sister, losing is like kissing you grandmother with her teeth out. george brett
37. If A Tie Is Like Kissing You Sister, Losing Is Like Kissing You Grandmother With Her Teeth Out.   George Brett

choice after all, it's only your face.
38. Choice After All, It’s Only Your Face.

that awakward moment when the pictcher gets the only rbi of the night.
39. That Awkward Moment When The Pitcher Gets The Only RBI Of The Night.

that aint nothing we got 27 rings true but when was the last time you heard some one say phelps sucks
40. That Ain’t Nothing We Got 27 Rings True But When Was The Last Time You Heard Some One Say Phelps Sucks?

minnesota twins gift retiring yankee pitcher a rocking chair made with bats he has broken over his career memey
41. Minnesota Twins Gift Retiring Yankee Pitcher A Rocking Chair Made With Bats He Has Broken Over His Career.   Memey

baseball is wrong man with four balls cnnot walk.
42. Baseball Is Wrong Man With Four Balls Cannot Walk.

baseball season oh, i make time fo that
43. Baseball Season Oh, I Make Time Fo That.

if it wasn't for baseball, i'd be in either the penitentiary or the cemetery bebe ruth
44. If It Wasn’t For Baseball, I’D Be In Either The Penitentiary Or The Cemetery.   Bebe Ruth

wherever you are hit like if you're excited to have baseball back
45. Wherever You Are Hit Like If You’re Excited To Have Baseball Back.

trying to save your grades like.
46. Trying To Save Your Grades Like.

when killing them with kindness doesn't work, try a baseball bat. result may very.
47. When Killing Them With Kindness Doesn’t Work, Try A Baseball Bat. Result May Very!

there are three types of baseball players; those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens.
48. There Are Three Types Of Baseball Players; Those Who Make It Happen, Those Who Watch It Happen, And Those Who Wonder What Happens.

my drinking team has a beseball problem.
49. My Drinking Team Has A Baseball Problem.

life is like baseball you will not hit every pitch make the most of the ones you do.
50. Life Is Like Baseball You Will Not Hit Every Pitch Make The Most Of The Ones You Do.

my bat it has a scary face
51. My Bat It Has A Scary Face.

i may not know kearte., but i know how to use a baseblal bat.
52. I May Not Know Karate, But I Know How To Use A Baseball Bat Funny Baseball Quotes

his baseball glove might hav been $95.99 but striking a red out three times letting only one run in and beating the yankees priceless cliff lee is the shit
53. His Baseball Glove Might Have Been $95.99 But Striking A Red Out Three Times Letting Only One Run In And Beating The Yankees Priceless Cliff Lee Is The Shit. Funny Baseball Quotes

baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical yogi berra
54. Baseball Is Ninety Percent Mental And The Other Half Is Physical.   Yogi Berra

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