54 Most Famous Die Quotes, Sayings And Quotations

Die Quotes Sayings 09
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Die Quotes

Die Quotes Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop
1. Stare, Pry, Listen, Eavesdrop. Die Knowing Something. You Are Not Here Long. Walker Evans

Die Quotes I think
2. I Think You’re Working And Learning Until You Die. J. K. Rowling

Die Quotes Always read something
3. Always Read Something That Will Make You Look Good If You Die In The Middle Of It. P. J. O’Rourke

Die Quotes A man may die,
4. A Man May Die, Nations May Rise And Fall, But An Idea Lives On. John F. Kennedy

Die Quotes Live fast, die young,
5. Live Fast, Die Young, And Leave A Good Looking Corpse. John Derek

Die Quotes Unable are the loved to die,
6. Unable Are The Loved To Die, For Love Is Immortality. Emily Dickinson

Die Quotes The idea is to
7. The Idea Is To Die Young As Late As Possible.

Die Quotes While I thought that
8. While I Thought That I Was Learning How To Live, I Have Been Learning How To Die.

Die Quotes To retire is to die
9. To Retire Is To Die. Pablo Casals

Die Quotes We have
10. We Have Art In Order Not To Die Of The Truth. Friedrich Nietzsche

Die Sayings

Die Quotes When men and woman die
11. When Men And Woman Die, As Poets Sung, His Heart’s The Last Part Moves, Her Last, The Tongue. Benjamin Franklin

Die Quotes Love is when the desire
12.we Love Is When The Desire To Be Desired Takes You So Badly That You Feel You Could Die Of It. Henri De Toulouse Lautrec

Die Quotes Sayings 07
13. We All Die. The Goal Isn’t To Live Forever, The Goal Is To Create Something That Will.

Die Quotes Live as if you were
14. Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow. Learn As If You Were To Live Forever. Mahatma Gandhi

Die Quotes The fear of death follows
15. The Fear Of Death Follows From The Fear Of Life. A Man Who Lives Fully Is Prepared To Die At Any Time. Mark Twain

Die Quotes When the rich wage war
16. When The Rich Wage War, It’s The Poor Who Die. Jean Paul Sartre

Die Quotes If I couldn't laugh
17. If I Couldn’t Laugh, I’d Rather Die. Claudette Colbert

Die Quotes Cowards die many times before
18. Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths; The Valiant Never Taste Of Death But Once. William Shakespeare

Die Quotes Old friends die on you
19. Old Friends Die On You, And They’re Irreplaceable. You Become Dependent. Lionel Blue

Die Quotes When you've told
20. When You’ve Told Someone That You’ve Left Them A Legacy The Only Decent Thing To Do Is To Die At Once. Samuel Butler

Die Quotes A man does not die
21. A Man Does Not Die Of Love Or His Liver Or Even Of Old Age; He Dies Of Being A Man. Miguel De Unamuno

Die Quotes I was born an American
22. I Was Born An American; I Will Live An American; I Shall Die An American. Daniel Webster

Die Quotes The object of war is not
23. The Object Of War Is Not To Die For Your Country But To Make The Other Bastard Die For His. George S. Patton

Die Quotes I don't collaborate
24. I Don’t Collaborate. You’re Born Alone, You Die Alone, You Get On Stage Alone. Grace Jones

Die Quotes The disease which inflicts
25. The Disease Which Inflicts Bureaucracy And What They Usually Die From Is Routine. John Stuart Mill

Die Quotes I got this feeling
26. I Got This Feeling I’m Gonna Die Before I Get Old. I Don’t Know Why. I Just Have This Feeling. Sid Vicious

Die Quotes I think about dying
27. I Think About Dying. I’ve Come To Realize We All Die Alone In One Way Or Another. Richard Pryor

Die Quotes Sayings 09
28. I Have No Motivation To Some Myself Anymore. I Just Want To Die.

Die Quotes Hold fast to dreams
29. Hold Fast To Dreams, For If Dreams Die, Life Is A Broken Winged Bird That Cannot Fly. Langston Hughes

Die Quotes I don't think punk
30. I Don’t Think Punk Ever Really Dies, Because Punk Rock Attitude Can Never Die. Billy Idol

Die  Quotations

Die Quotes The die is cast.
31. The Die Is Cast. Julius Caesar.

Die Quotes Dream as if you'll live forever
32. Dream As If You’ll Live Forever. Live As If You’ll Die Today. James Dean

Die Quotes If you listen to your fears,
33. If You Listen To Your Fears, You Will Die Never Knowing What A Great Person You Might Have Been. Robert H. Schuller

Die Quotes Follow me if I advance
34. Follow Me If I Advance, Kill Me If I Retreat, Avenge Me If I Die. Mary Matalin

Die Quotes If you're not ready to die for it
35. If You’re Not Ready To Die For It, Put The Word ‘Freedom’ Out Of Your Vocabulary. Malcolm X

Die Quotes My mama always used to tell me
36. My Mama Always Used To Tell Me ‘If You Can’t Find Something’ To Live For, You Best Find Something’ To Die For. Tupac Shakur

Die Quotes A man will go to war
37. A Man Will Go To War, Fight And Die For His Country. But He Won’t Get A Bikini Wax. Rita Rudner

Die Quotes I'm not afraid to die
38. I’m Not Afraid To Die. Vivien Leigh.

Die Quotes I could do nothing
39. I Could Do Nothing But Brooklyn Shows For The Rest Of My Career, And I Could Die Ignorant. Anthony Bourdain

Die Quotes For me, Fellini was
40. For Me, Fellini Was Like A Watermelon. It Is There. A Watermelon Cannot Die. Roberto Benigni

Die Quotes Older men declare war
41. Older Men Declare War. But It Is The Youth That Must Fight And Die. Herbert Hoover

Die Quotes Sayings 05
42. When I Die Will Someone Please Go To My Funeral Dressed Like The Grim Reaper? Don’t Say Anything Just Stand There..

Die Quotes Sayings 13
43. One Day I May Die Without Saying Good Bye To You. But I Will Never Forget To Say Thank You, Because You Hold The Most Loveliest Part In My Life.


Die Quotes I'd like to see
44. I’d Like To See Paris Before I Die… Philadelphia Will Do. W. C. Fields

Die Quotes Sayings 02
45. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants To Die.  Peter Tosh

Die Quotes Sayings 01
46. When I Die, Don’t Come Near Me. Because My Hand May Not Be Able To Wipe Your Tears.

Die Quotes Sayings 10
47. I’m Fat. I’m Ugly. I’m Worthless. I’m Useless. I’m Depressed. I’m Not Ok. I Want To Die. I Hate Myself.

Die Quotes Sayings 08
48. Sick Of Crying Tired Of Trying Yes, I’m Smiling But Inside I’m Dying.

Die Quotes Sayings 12
49. Dad, Why Do All The Best People Die? My Son, When You Are In A Garden, Which Flowers Do You Pick? The Most Beautiful Ones.

Die Quotes Sayings 14
50. Do Whatever You Want. In The End We Still All Die.

Die Quotes Sayings 04
51. Die, Die, Die My Darling.

Die Quotes Sayings 11
52.  I Smile. I Try. But Truth Is I Want To Die.

Die Quotes Sayings 03
53. Can I Kill Myself Yet?

Die Quotes Sayings 06
54. When I Die, I Want My Tombstone To Offer Free WI-Fi, Just So People Will Visit More Often.

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