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50 Most Famous Birthday Quotes For Wife And Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes
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Birthday Quotes For Wife And Girlfriend Today We Are Having For All The Boyfriends Or Husbands Who Wanna Wish Their Wife Or Girlfriend A Very Happy Birthday

Birthday Quotes For Wife

may this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments & shinning oreams happy birthday sweetheart
1. May This Birthday Be Just The Beginning Of A Year Filled With Happy Memories, Wonderful Moments &Amp; Shinning Oreams Happy Birthday Sweetheart

may your special day... surrounded wid happiness, filled wid laugther, wrapped wid preasure, brightened wid fun, blessed wid love, remebered wid joy and enriched wid hopes, happy b
2. May Your Special Day… Surrounded Wid Happiness, Filled Wid Laugther, Wrapped Wid Preasure, Brightened Wid Fun, Blessed Wid Love, Remebered Wid Joy And Enriched Wid Hopes, Happy

true love is the gift we all passes it is the key to the heart & the soul's happiness you're my love my lite happy birthday darling
3. True Love Is The Gift We All Passes It Is The Key To The Heart &Amp; The Soul’s Happiness You’re My Love My Lite Happy Birthday Darling

happy birthday dear i got blessed by having a wonderful wife like you...!!
4. Happy Birthday Dear I Got Blessed By Having A Wonderful Wife Like You…!!

a birthday is just the begging of the another journey with the spacecraft called earth... wishing you happy birthday
5. A Birthday Is Just The Begging Of The Another Journey With The Spacecraft Called Earth… Wishing You Happy Birthday

dear wife name here the best part of every day is sharing it with a person like you! i love you sweety. happy birthday!
6. Dear Wife Name Here The Best Part Of Every Day Is Sharing It With A Person Like You! I Love You Sweety. Happy Birthday

i am so blessed to have a wonderful woman like you in my life, so on this special day of yours, i would like to thank you and say how much i love you. happy birthday sweetie!
7. I Am So Blessed To Have A Wonderful Woman Like You In My Life, So On This Special Day Of Yours, I Would Like To Thank You And Say How Much I Love You. Happy Birthday Sweetie

happy birthday let's celebrate how god has blessed you.
8. Happy Birthday Let’s Celebrate How God Has Blessed You

happy birthday true love is the gift we all posses it is the key to the heart & the soul's happines you're my love my life. i love you honey
9. Happy Birthday True Love Is The Gift We All Posses It Is The Key To The Heart &Amp; The Soul’s Happiness You’re My Love My Life. I Love You Honey

on your birthday i wish you much pleasure and joy.. happy birthday my love.
10. On Your Birthday I Wish You Much Pleasure And Joy.. Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

enjoy every moment of your life may everyday bring something new and exciting for you may this birthday ture out to be as amazing as you.
11. Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Life May Everyday Bring Something New And Exciting For You May This Birthday Ture Out To Be As Amazing As You

each time i look at you, i realize how god has been good to me. he gave me the most beautiful caring, loving and passionate woman in the world. i'm so lucky to have you. i love yo
12. Each Time I Look At You, I Realize How God Has Been Good To Me. He Gave Me The Most Beautiful Caring, Loving And Passionate Woman In The World. I’m So Lucky To Have You. I Love Yo

your beauty & your radiance is amazing to behold i am so happy i married the birthday girl whose heart is filled with gold happy birthday my wonderful wife.
13. Your Beauty &Amp; Your Radiance Is Amazing To Behold I Am So Happy I Married The Birthday Girl Whose Heart Is Filled With Gold Happy Birthday My Wonderful Wife.Birthday Quotes For Wife

happy birthday my sweet wife i feel so lucky to have you in my life.
14. Happy Birthday My Sweet Wife I Feel So Lucky To Have You In My Life.Birthday Quotes For Wife

don't forget my little note of love that wishes you the best of the world and says how musch my love grows for you everyday wishing you a very very happy birthday sweetheart.
15. Don’t Forget My Little Note Of Love That Wishes You The Best Of The World And Says How Musch My Love Grows For You Everyday Wishing You A Very Very Happy Birthday Sweetheart.Birthday Quotes For Wife

for the world most extraordinary wife. you give my life purpose happy birthday sweetheart.
16. For The World Most Extraordinary Wife. You Give My Life Purpose Happy Birthday Sweetheart

love you! happy birthday to the love of my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me! have a garat birthday. sweetie!
17. Love You! Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life And The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me! Have A Garat Birthday. Sweetie!

happy birthday darling i am so blessed to have such an awesome wife i love you so much more than words can ever say. love you darling.
18. Happy Birthday Darling I Am So Blessed To Have Such An Awesome Wife I Love You So Much More Than Words Can Ever Say. Love You Darling.Birthday Quotes For Wife

as you celebrate another year of life may health and hppiness be yours always, and may god grant you a long and fulfilled life. happy birthday darling.
19. As You Celebrate Another Year Of Life May Health And Hppiness Be Yours Always, And May God Grant You A Long And Fulfilled Life. Happy Birthday Darling.Birthday Quotes For Wife

`happy birthday my darling wife words can't even begin to descrbe how much i love you hopefully all our hugs and kisses do the talking for me.
20. Happy Birthday My Darling Wife Words Can’t Even Begin To Descrbe How Much I Love You Hopefully All Our Hugs And Kisses Do The Talking For Me.Birthday Quotes For Wife

i am truly blessed to have you as a wife. whether can change our age can change but what is which will never change. it is my love for you dear. happy birthday dear.d
21. I Am Truly Blessed To Have You As A Wife. Whether Can Change Our Age Can Change But What Is Which Will Never Change. It Is My Love For You Dear. Happy Birthday Dear.D.Birthday Quotes For Wife

happy birthday in you i've found the love of my life and my closest truest friend.
22. Happy Birthday In You I’ve Found The Love Of My Life And My Closest Truest Friend..Birthday Quotes For Wife

a wife is someone you can always count on to be by your sdie no matter if you re right or wrong. love and birthday wishes.
23. A Wife Is Someone You Can Always Count On To Be By Your Sdie No Matter If You Re Right Or Wrong. Love And Birthday Wishes.Birthday Quotes For Wife

may this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories. wonderful moments and shinnng dreams happy birthday darling
24. May This Birthday Be Just The Beginning Of A Year Filled With Happy Memories. Wonderful Moments And Shinning Dreams Happy Birthday Darling

happy birthday to the person who has made all my birthdays worth celebrating..
25. Happy Birthday To The Person Who Has Made All My Birthdays Worth Celebrating

your birthday cake is symbolic of how your sweetness make life's bitter moments worth tolerating happy birthday.
26. Your Birthday Cake Is Symbolic Of How Your Sweetness Make Life’s Bitter Moments Worth Tolerating Happy Birthday

you are the fairest of women and i am lucky to be your husband. baby i wish for you all the good things in life and most of all today i wish you a happy birthday.
27. You Are The Fairest Of Women And I Am Lucky To Be Your Husband. Baby I Wish For You All The Good Things In Life And Most Of All Today I Wish You A Happy Birthday

i am glad you ar a part of my life happy birthday darling.
28. I Am Glad You Ar A Part Of My Life Happy Birthday Darling

your birthday is a time to dream of a bright new future that brings your life all the things you desire happy birthday sweetheart
29. Your Birthday Is A Time To Dream Of A Bright New Future That Brings Your Life All The Things You Desire Happy Birthday Sweetheart

may it be filled with good sweet and happy times... it i could rear range the alphabet, i would surely put u and i together...
30. May It Be Filled With Good Sweet And Happy Times… It I Could Rear Range The Alphabet, I Would Surely Put U And I Together

Birthday Quotes

my dearest wife i love you so much that worlds cannot express it. it is only the feelings of love, mutual respect and eare that can ex0press my rue feelings for you here's wishing
31. My Dearest Wife I Love You So Much That Worlds Cannot Express It. It Is Only The Feelings Of Love, Mutual Respect And Eare That Can Ex0press My Rue Feelings For You Here’s Wishing

happy birthday to someone who makes my life complete, every day and every which way, you are the best is all i can say wish you a lovely day'!
32. Happy Birthday To Someone Who Makes My Life Complete, Every Day And Every Which Way, You Are The Best Is All I Can Say Wish You A Lovely Day’

happy birthday as we travel to gether the pathway of life, my love for you grows stronger every day. i am so lucky to have for my wife! god bless you.
33. Happy Birthday As We Travel To Gether The Pathway Of Life, My Love For You Grows Stronger Every Day. I Am So Lucky To Have For My Wife! God Bless You

with each year i'll love you more. remember that your best years are still ahead of tyou and i'll be there for evry up, down and in between. happy birthday dear!
34. With Each Year I’ll Love You More. Remember That Your Best Years Are Still Ahead Of Tyou And I’ll Be There For Evry Up, Down And In Between. Happy Birthday Dear!

wishing you a day as special as you are.. happy birthday
35. Wishing You A Day As Special As You Are.. Happy Birthday

two things in life are inevitabe, birthdays & taxes. enjoy at least one this year.
36. Two Things In Life Are Inevitable, Birthdays &Amp; Taxes. Enjoy At Least One This Year

happy birthday as we travel together the pathway of life, my love for you grows stronger every day. i am so lucky to have you for my wife! god bless you.
37. Happy Birthday As We Travel Together The Pathway Of Life, My Love For You Grows Stronger Every Day. I Am So Lucky To Have You For My Wife! God Bless You

marriage are made in heaven as fact i agree to because i am married to an angel like you marriages ar made forever is a fact i endorse too because i am married to an incredible wif
38. Marriage Are Made In Heaven As Fact I Agree To Because I Am Married To An Angel Like You Marriages Ar Made Forever Is A Fact I Endorse Too Because I Am Married To An Incredible Wif

happy birthday to my partner you look more beautiful today than the day i first met you..
39. Happy Birthday To My Partner You Look More Beautiful Today Than The Day I First Met You

darlin wife love you forever happy birthday
40. Darling Wife Love You Forever Happy Birthday

on the day we shared our first kiss i knew you were going to be my mrs happy birthday
41. On The Day We Shared Our First Kiss I Knew You Were Going To Be My Mrs Happy Birthday

i'm thankful for your beautiful life. let's celebrate it with a happy birthday
42. I’m Thankful For Your Beautiful Life. Let’s Celebrate It With A Happy Birthday

l love the special ways you have of showing me you care i love you
43. L Love The Special Ways You Have Of Showing Me You Care I Love You

not only a wonderful wife, you are my best friend i love being able to grow old with you! happy birthday!
44. Not Only A Wonderful Wife, You Are My Best Friend I Love Being Able To Grow Old With You! Happy Birthday

more than a wife, in you i have found a friend for life happy birthday
45. More Than A Wife, In You I Have Found A Friend For Life Happy Birthday

thank you for loving me so much & there for me always! wishing you lots of smiles, love & wonderful moments throughout the year!
46. Thank You For Loving Me So Much &Amp; There For Me Always! Wishing You Lots Of Smiles, Love & Wonderful Moments Throughout The Year

happy birthday quotes for wife #49 happy birthday darling, may all your dreams come true, and on this day of happiness i send my love to you.
47. Happy Birthday Quotes For Wife #49 Happy Birthday Darling, May All Your Dreams Come True, And On This Day Of Happiness I Send My Love To You

to my wife on your birthday with all my love.
48. To My Wife On Your Birthday With All My Love

happy birthday to a dear friend you'll be special to me until the end. celebrate today and know this is true my life has been blessed, because of you.
49. Happy Birthday To A Dear Friend You’ll Be Special To Me Until The End. Celebrate Today And Know This Is True My Life Has Been Blessed, Because Of You

my heart for you will never break my smile for you will never fade my love for you will never end happy birthday sweetheart
50. My Heart For You Will Never Break My Smile For You Will Never Fade My Love For You Will Never End Happy Birthday Sweetheart

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