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Popular Grunge Quotes And Sayings: When It Comes To Grunge Or Even Just Seattle, I Think There Was One Band That Made The Definitive Music Of The Time. It Wasn’t Us Or Nirvana, But Mudhoney. Nirvana Delivered It To The World,But Mudhoney Were The Band Of That Time And Sound. Eddie Vedder

47 Grunge Quotes Collection

I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up
1. I Could Look Into Your Eyes Until The Sun Comes Up

The darker the night the brighter the stars
2. The Darker The Night The Brighter The Stars

But drinking cough syrup when you didn't have a cough is ironic because in reality you're sicker
3. But Drinking Cough Syrup When You Didn’t Have A Cough Is Ironic Because In Reality You’re Sicker

Baby look what you're done to me
4. Baby Look What You’re Done To Me

I miss you
5. I Miss You

Who are you i don't know
6. Who Are You I Don’t Know

Love is happy and unhappy love is warm and cold love is simple and comples
7. Love Is Happy And Unhappy Love Is Warm And Cold Love Is Simple And Comples

Your smile makes me vomit
8. Your Smile Makes Me Vomit

Don't get to close it's dark inside
9. Don’t Get To Close It’s Dark Inside

here's the good here's the bad here's the bad in the good here's the good in the bad and this is life
10. Here’s The Good Here’s The Bad Here’s The Bad In The Good Here’s The Good In The Bad And This Is Life

Poor are those who have eyes but cannot see
11. Poor Are Those Who Have Eyes But Cannot See

7 billion people in the world and i have like 3 friends
12. 7 Billion People In The World And I Have Like 3 Friends

But my dear this is not wonderland and you are not alice
13. But My Dear This Is Not Wonderland And You Are Not Alice

Why regret something you are wanted
14. Why regret something you are wanted

I wanna see you but you're not mine
15. I Wanna See You But You’re Not Mine

When it comes to grunge or even just seattle, i think there was one band that made the definitive music
16. When It Comes To Grunge Or Even Just Seattle, I Think There Was One Band That Made The Definitive Music Of The Time. It Wasn’t Us Or Nirvana, But Mudhoney. Nirvana Delivered It To The World,But Mudhoney Were The Band Of That Time And Sound. Eddie Vedder

I got lost in him and its the kind of lost that's exactly like being found
17. I Got Lost In Him And Its The Kind Of Lost That’s Exactly Like Being Found

Go swim with sharks
18. Go Swim With Sharks

I can't wait to keep knowing u
19. I Can’t Wait To Keep Knowing U

She never looked nice she looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice
20. She Never Looked Nice She Looked Like Art, And Art Wasn’t Supposed To Look Nice

People are poison
21. People Are Poison

Your body is your home don't burn it down
22. Your Body Is Your Home Don’t Burn It Down

It's nothing personal i don't like anybody
23. It’s Nothing Personal I Don’t Like Anybody

When you love somebody they always leave too soon
24. When You Love Somebody They Always Leave Too Soon

Famous Grunge Sayings

Grunge Quotes Sayings 4

  1. I Really Want To Talk To Someone About My Thoughts And Feelings But I Can’t

Livsnjutare one who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme
26. Livsnjutare One Who Loves Life Deeply And Lives It To The Extreme

I was so sad that the word sad just couldn't describe me anymore
27. I Was So Sad That The Word Sad Just Couldn’t Describe Me Anymore

I let you because my happiness, and that's where I went wrong
28. I Let You Because My Happiness, And That’s Where I Went Wrong

Black shirt black jeans black shoes black everything
29. Black Shirt Black Jeans Black Shoes Black Everything

I was doing great but then they said your name
30. I Was Doing Great But Then They Said Your Name

We'are all dreamers wanting to be completely out of touch with reality
31. We’are All Dreamers Wanting To Be Completely Out Of Touch With Reality

Missing you comes in waves and tonight I am drowning
32. Missing You Comes In Waves And Tonight I Am Drowning

There is a difference between who i am and what i show
33. There Is A Difference Between Who I Am And What I Show

Pain is the only thing that makes me feel alive
34. Pain Is The Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Alive

Grunge Quotes Sayings 2

35.We Judge People For Judging People Because Judging People Is Wrong

I don't want to fight but' i'll fight with you if i have to
36. I Don’t Want To Fight But’ I’ll Fight With You If I Have To

We wrote a story in the fog on the windows
37. We Wrote A Story In The Fog On The Windows

Make her lose her voice from screaming
38. Make Her Lose Her Voice From Screaming

Alcohol may not solve your problems but neither will water or milk
39. Alcohol May Not Solve Your Problems But Neither Will Water Or Milk

Yesterday i wrote black today i am wearing black tomorrow i will wear black
40. Yesterday I Wrote Black Today I Am Wearing Black Tomorrow I Will Wear Black. Grunge Quotes

I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not Kurt Cobain
41. I’d Rather Be Hated For Who I Am, Than Loved For Who I Am Not Kurt Cobain

I got my mind full of unsaid things
42. I Got My Mind Full Of Unsaid Things. Grunge Quotes

I would have stayed up with you all night
43. I Would Have Stayed Up With You All Night

She was like the moon part of her was always hidden away
44. She Was Like The Moon Part Of Her Was Always Hidden Away. Grunge Quotes

You're so cute when you're not breathing
45. You’re So Cute When You’re Not Breathing. Grunge Quotes

Grunge Quotes Sayings 1
46. I hate This Small Town Full Of Small Minded People Who Suffocate Me…

Grunge is not dead
47. Grunge Is Not Dead. Grunge Quotes

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