Latest Teen Quotes and Sayings Collection. I’m The Type Of Person Who Still Wishes At 11:11, Believes In Fairy tales, And Has Big Dreams, Despite How Many Times I’ve Been Let Down.

45 Fresh Teen Quotes You Must Read

Teen Quotes welcome to high school
1. Welcome To High School

Teen Quotes always wear your invisible crown
2. Always Wear Your Invisible Crown

Teen Quotes breakdowns are breakthroughs. sometimes it takes hitting the bottom to find your way to the top.
3. Breakdowns Are Breakthroughs. Sometimes It Takes Hitting The Bottom To Find Your Way To The Top.

Teen Quotes every teenager BRB= i don't want to talk to you...
4. Every Teenager BRB= I Don’t Want To Talk To You..

Teen Quotes love is like a war; easy to begin, head to end..
5. Love Is Like A War; Easy To Begin, Head To End.

Teen Quotes I’m the type of person who still wishes at....
6. I’m The Type Of Person Who Still Wishes At 11:11, Believes In Fairy tales, And Has Big Dreams, Despite How Many Times I’ve Been Let Down.

Teen Quotes some people are going to leave...
7. Some People Are Going To Leave…

Teen Quotes saying to your friends....
8. Saying To Your Friends..

Teen Quotes dear math, solve your own problems...
9. Dear Math, Solve Your Own Problems..

Teen Quotes vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to other...
10. Vision Is The Art Of Seeing What Is Invisible To Other.

Teen Quotes i used to not wear make up..
11. I Used To Not Wear Make Up.

Teen Quotes i'm not a princess, i don't need saving i'm a queen, i got this shit handled.
12. I’m Not A Princess, I Don’t Need Saving I’m A Queen, I Got This Shit Handled.

Teen Quotes i think the hardest part of losing someone, isn't having to say goodbye...
13. I Think The Hardest Part Of Losing Someone, Isn’t Having To Say Goodbye.

Teen Quotes i'm always procrastinating..
14. I’m Always Procrastinating.

Teen Quotes we were given; two hands to hold...
15. We Were Given; Two Hands To Hold..

Teen Quotes next time the teacher asks you why you didn't study, say this;
16. Next Time The Teacher Asks You Why You Didn’t Study, Say This;

Teen Quotes when i'm in the car and a sad song turns on my ipod, i stare out the window and act like i'm in a movie...
17. When I’m In The Car And A Sad Song Turns On My Ipod, I Stare Out The Window And Act Like I’m In A Movie.

Teen Quotes i live in my own little world but its od know me here..
18. I Live In My Own Little World But Its Od Know Me Here..

Teen Quotes how to have a lovely day..
19. How To Have A Lovely Day.

Teen Quotes dear boys, if you don't look like Calvin Klein models....
20. Dear Boys, If You Don’t Look Like Calvin Klein Models..

Teen Quotes truth is, i don't know where i'm going with my life...
21. Truth Is, I Don’t Know Where I’m Going With My Life.

Teen Quotes chin up, sweetie your beautiful
22. Chin Up, Sweetie Your Beautiful

Short Teen Quotes

Teen Quotes i believe that you'll know when he is the one when they accept you...
23. I Believe That You’ll Know When He Is The One When They Accept You.

Teen Quotes message sent failed. would you like to retry...
24. Message Sent Failed. Would You Like To Retry..

Teen Quotes don't be a victim of negative self talk
25. Don’t Be A Victim Of Negative Self Talk

Teen Quotes be who you are not who the world wants you to be..
26. Be Who You Are Not Who The World Wants You To Be.

Teen Quotes sometimes god doesn't give you what you think you want..
27. Sometimes God Doesn’t Give You What You Think You Want.

Teen Quotes stalking is such a strong word...
28. Stalking Is Such A Strong Word..

Teen Quotes can you relate...
29. Can You Relate..

Teen Quotes you say you're not special because the world doesn't know about you...
30. You Say You’re Not Special Because The World Doesn’t Know About You..

Teen Quotes that look you give your friends when someone attractive walks in the room.
31. That Look You Give Your Friends When Someone Attractive Walks In The Room.

Teen Quotes i still remember all the cute moments that we had shared.
32. I Still Remember All The Cute Moments That We Had Shared.

Teen Quotes let me be the one that shines with you..
33. Let Me Be The One That Shines With You.

Teen Quotes here's to the girl...
34. Here’s To The Girl..

Teen Quotes no great genius has over existed without some touch of madness
35. No Great Genius Has Over Existed Without Some Touch Of Madness

Teen Quotes you stupid computer I’m so sorry. i love you...
36. You Stupid Computer I’m So Sorry. I Love You..

Teen Quotes everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life...
37. Everyday We Are Together Is The Greatest Day Of My Life..

Teen Quotes there's hell in hello, good in goodbye....
38. There’s Hell In Hello, Good In Goodbye…

Teen Quotes the laughter the memories the pain the happiness
39. The Laughter The Memories The Pain The Happiness

Teen Quotes one day, i want to honestly say, i made it...
40. One Day, I Want To Honestly Say, I Made It.

Teen Quotes dear dad, no matter how many guys i date and when i get married, i'll always be your little girl..
41. Dear Dad, No Matter How Many Guys I Date And When I Get Married, I’ll Always Be Your Little Girl.

Teen Quotes how girls flirt...
42. How Girls Flirt..

Teen Quotes reading old messages and smiling like the first time you read it..
43. Reading Old Messages And Smiling Like The First Time You Read It.

Teen Quotes so it's not gonna be easy it's gonna be really hard..
44. So It’s Not Gonna Be Easy It’s Gonna Be Really Hard..

Teen Quotes you're a teenager live your life to the fullest...
45. You’re A Teenager Live Your Life To The Fullest..