45 Best Bullying Quotes & Sayings That Will Inspire You

Famous Bullying Quotes, Sayings & Quotations:  I Was Of The Type Who Gets Bullied Rather Than The One Who Does The Bullying, Which I’m Glad About. I’d Rather Be That Than A Bully. Lily Cole

45 Bullying Quotes Collection

Bullying Quotes Dear bully guess
1. Dear Bully, Guess What? You No Longer Have Any Power Over Me a Bully Baffler.

Bullied Quotes Sayings 05
2.Some People Won’t Be Happy Until They’ve Pushed You To The Ground. What You Have To Do Is Have The Courage To Stand Your Ground And Not Give Them The Time Of Day.

Bullied Sayings I was of the type
3. I Was Of The Type Who Gets Bullied Rather Than The One Who Does The Bullying, Which I’m Glad About. I’d Rather Be That Than A Bully. Lily Cole

Bullied Sayings Bullying wasn't okay
4. Bullying Wasn’t Okay In Elementary School And It Isn’t Okay Now, Especially When It Comes In The Form Of A U.S. Supreme Court Decision. John Doolittle

Bullied Sayings There's a reason
5. There a Reason Why Bullying Takes Such A Strong Form Online. People Don’t Have To Push Back As Much As They Would In Real Life. Bridgit Mendler

Bullied Sayings Gay kids need to stop
6. Gay Kids Need To Stop Killing Themselves Because They Are Made To Feel Worthless By Cruel And Relentless Bullying. Zachary Quinto

Bullied Sayings Fighting means you
7. Fighting Means You Could Lose. Bullying Means You Can’t. A Bully Wants To Beat Somebody; He Doesn’t Want To Fight Somebody. Andrew Vachss

Bullied Quotes Sayings 08
8. I Want I Being Bullied At School At This Point. I Had A Group Of Friends, And I Was Isolated Because I Wasn’t Telling Them What I Was Going Through. Andy Harrison

Bullied Sayings Sometimes bullies are your
9. Sometimes Bullies Are Your Friends And Very Rarely Do Bullying Prevention Tips Acknowledge This Fact Or What To Do About It. Rosalind Wiseman

Bullied Sayings The whole bullying issue
10.The Whole Bulling Issue Has Really Struck A Nerve With Me. It Affects So Many Different Types Of People At A Vital Time In Their Lives. Kenny Wormald

Bullied Sayings People need to realize
11.People Need To Realize Bullying Has Just As Much Of An Impact Online Because Words Are So Cutting And Difficult To Deal With. Bridgit Mendler

Famous Bullying Sayings

Bullied Sayings Natural playgrounds
12.Natural Playgrounds  May Decrease Bullying. Richard Louv

Bullied Sayings A negative mind
13.  A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life. Bullying Quotes

Bullied Sayings I wasn't being
14.I wasn’t Being Bullied At School At This Point. Randy Harrison Bullying Quotes

Bullied Sayings When girls bully
15. When Girls Bully, It’s Very Subtle, And You Can’t Define It. At Least With Boys, The Bullying Is Usually Explicit, And You Can Deal With It.  Natalie Dormer

Bullied Sayings The solution to
16. The Solution to Putting An End To Bullying Is To Stop It At The Source But Also To Find Out What Is Causing The Person To Behave The Way That They Do. Bullying Quotes

Bullied Quotes Sayings 04
17.  What If The Kid You Bullied At School, Grew Up, And Turned Out To Be The Only Surgeon Who Could Save Your Life? Lynette Mather

Bullied Sayings I had a hard time
18.I Had A Hard Time With Bullying. I Ate Lunch In The Bathroom. Julianne HoughY

Bullied Quotes Sayings 09
19. Some People Won’t Be Happy Until They’ve Pushed You To The Ground. What You Have To Do Is Have The Courage To Stand Your Ground And Not Give Them The Time Of Day. Hold On To Your Power And Never Give It Away.

Bullied Sayings That is the biggest
20. That Is The Biggest Form Of Bullying Ever, The Paparazzi. Printing Lies, Making Accusations, It’s Just Bullying. Mila Kunis

Bullied Sayings Childhood bullying
21. Childhood Bullying Was A Big Part Of My Life. Michael Steger

Bullied Sayings Any kind of
22. Any Kind Of Restrictions Put On Free Speech Would Have Worse Consequences Than Bullying. Lady Starlight

Popular Bullying Quotes

Bullied Sayings Children should
23. Children Should Be Able To Live A Life Free From Bullying And Harassment And It Is Time That We All Took A Stand Against This. Katherine Jenkins

Bullied Sayings Be careful how
24. Be Careful How You Judge People You Don’t Sum Up A Man’s Life In One Moment. Bullying Quotes

Bullied Sayings I realized that
25. I Realized That Bullying Never Has To Do With You. It’s The Bully Who’s Insecure. Shay Mitchell

Bullied Sayings If you're having a
26. If You’re Having Down Time At School And People Are Bullying You, They Don’t Know You. They Don’t Have The Right To Have An Opinion On You. Maisie Wiliams

Bullied Sayings Everyone who wants
27. Everyone Who Wants To Do Good To The Human Race Always Ends In Universal Bullying. Aldous Huxley

Bullied Sayings Bullying is a
28. Bullying Is A National Epidemic. Macklemore

Bullied Sayings I don't like
29.I Don’t Like The Bullying, Do One Over Style Of Comedy. It’s So Cheap. Olivia Colman

Bullied Sayings Bullying is a terrible
30. Bullying Is A Terrible, Terrible Thing. Robert Carlyle

Bullied Sayings Always offer your
31. Always Offer Your Smile To Someone Who Lost Their… Bullying Quotes

Bullied Sayings Teaching prejudice to a child
32. Teaching Prejudice To A Child Is Itself A Form Of Bullying. You’ve Got To Be Taught To Hate. Roger Ebert

Bullied Sayings I don't consider
33.I Don’t Consider  Americans Bullies, But I Do Consider The American Government Bullying. George Michael

Nice Bullying Quotations

Bullied Sayings Bullying is never fun
34. Bullying Is Never Fun, It’s A Cruel And Terrible Thing To Do To Someone. If You Are Being Bullied, It Is Not Your Fault. No One Deserves To Be Bullied, Ever.

Bullied Quotes Sayings 07
35. Pulling Someone Down Will Never Help You Reach The Top. Bullying Quotes

Bullied Quotes Sayings 10
36. Pulling Someone Down Will Never Help You Reach The Top.

Bullied Sayings Courage is fire,
37. Courage Is Fire, And Bullying Is Smoke. Benjamin Disraeli

Bullied Sayings I know how
38. I Know How Bad Bullying Can Hurt. I Was Bullied When I Was A Kid. Tracy Morgan

Bullied Sayings I have
39. I Have A Problem With Bullying. Cindy Morgan

Bullied Sayings Big
40.Big Ugly Longer Losers Yearning Attention. Bullying Quotes

Bullied Sayings The bullying was
41.The Bullying Was Hideous And Relentless, And We Turned It Round By Making Ourselves Celebrities. Julian Clary

Bullied Sayings Unless and until
42.Unless And Until Our Society Recognizes Cyber Bullying For What It Is, The Suffering Of Thousands Of Silent Victims Will Continue. Anna Maria Chavez

Bullied Quotes Sayings 06
43. Be Sure To Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out. Bullying Quotes

Bullied Sayings Everyone in America
44. Everyone In America Likely Has A Bullying Story, Whether As The Victim, Bully Or As A Witness. Michael M. Honda

Bullied Sayings Online bullying
45. Online Bullying Has To Stop. Leann Rimes. Bullying Quotes

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