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Chola Quotes I love cholas
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Famous Chola Quotes and Sayings: Don’t Mistake My Kindness For Weakness I Am Kind To Everyone But When Someone Is Unkind To Me, Weak Is Not What You Are Going To Remember About Me. Al Capone

41 Chola Quotes Collection

Chola Quotes Don't mistake
1. Don’t Mistake My Kindness For Weakness I Am Kind To Everyone But When Someone Is Unkind To Me, Weak Is Not What You Are Going To Remember About Me. Al Capone

Chola Quotes And Motherfucker
2. And Motherfucker Hollywood For Taryn Shut A Real Nigga Down Sta yin True To The Game Fuck The Fame I Still Won’t Change R U Still Down?

Chola Quotes We're not modles
3. We’re Not Models Dressed As Cholas We’re Cholas Who Model.

Chola Quotes The next time
4. The Next Time That My Name Roles Out Your Mouth Bitch.

Chola Quotes Bitches be
5. Bitches Be Like My Family’s Cool Babe Come Over.

Chola Quotes CH.O.L.O Chu only
6. CH.O.L.O Chu Only Live Once.

Chola Quotes No esperen nada
7. No Esperen Nada De Mi Porque Yo No Espero Nada De Nadie.

Chola Quotes Don't let
8. Don’t Let No One Get You Down.

Chola Quotes Sayings 4
9. Latin Woman Can Do Thing To Man With There Eyes That Most Women Cant Do With Their Entire Body.

Chola Quotes I don't want
10. I Don’t Want A Knight In Shining Armor I Have A Cholo In Dickies And Cortez..

Chola Quotes All of life is a journey
11. All Of Life Is A Journey Which Paths We Take And How Happy We Are When We Get There.

Chola Quotes Some people really
12. Some People Really Try To Hard If You Have To Go To Extremes To Be Noticed Then Take A Look Inwards And Seek Self Validation.

Chola Quotes Don't leave something
13. Don’t Leave Something Good To Find Something Better Once You Realize You Had The Best, The Best Has Found Better.

Chola Quotes Fuck ur broken
14. Fuck Ur Broken Heart Puto Yea Move On We Seen Her Cum And Go But Now…..

Chola Quotes Wtf is a hipster
15. Wt f Is A Hipster ESE, And Why Are They Dressed Like Us?

Best Chola Quotes

Chola Quotes Latinas can be your
16. Latinas Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Nightmare Choose Wisely.

Chola Quotes Q'vole well eyiim
17. Q’vole Well Eyiim Just Here Droppin In Ur Pagiina To Sho U Sum Of That Fiirme.

Chola Quotes Una miyer no necesita
18. Una Miyer No Necesita Peches Grandes Ni Pier Mas Been To.

Chola Quotes Good cholas are
19. Good Cholas Are Not Hard To Find Their Just Hard To Run Game On.

Chola Quotes Look whose
20. Look Whose Crying Now.

Chola Quotes Life's a risk carnal
21. Life’s A Risk Carnal!

Chola Quotes Chola style guide
22. Chola Quotes Chola Style Guide.

Chola Quotes I love cholas
23. Chola Quotes I Love Cholas.

Chola Quotes Im to crazy for you to handle
24. I’m To Crazy For You To Handle..

Chola Quotes Tranquila zorrita lo
25. Tranquila Zorrita Lo Mio Se Mira Pero No Se Toca.

Chola Quotes Sayings 3
26.I’M That Crazy Bitch You’ll Never Forget If You Fuck With Me!

Chola Quotes To empower the barrio
27. To Empower The Barrio Via Arte Activism Marketing And Modeling.

Chola Quotes I'm going to smile
28. I’m Going To Smile And Make You Think I’m Happy I’m Going To Laugh.

Chola Quotes To me true love is the sweetest
29. To Me True Love Is The Sweetest Thing In Life That’s Why Were All Either In Love Or Looking For Love.

Chola Quotes Ma chola hold in it
30. Ma Chola Hold In It Down Thinks U Can Take Ma Crown.

Famous Chola Sayings

Chola Quotes Take a chance
31. Take A Chance And Never Let Go Risk Everything Lose Nothing Don’t Worry About Anything Anymore Cry In The Rain And Speak Up Loud Say What You Want And Love Who You Want By Yourself And Not What People Want To See Never Blame Anyone If You Get Hurt Because You Decided Who Was Worth The While. Anonymous

Chola Quotes High class
32. High Class Ghatto Ass Begin Style Sexy Smilez…

Chola Quotes Sayings 5
33. Someday You’ll Cry For Me Like I Cried For You Someday You’ll Miss Me Like Missed You Someday You’ll Need Me Like I Needed You Someday You’ll Love Me But I Wont Love You.

Chola Quotes Sayings 2
34. Ao time for dinche Dendeios.

Chola Quotes I don't speak spanish playa i'm samoan
35. I Don’t Speak Spanish Playa I’m Samoan!

Chola Quotes Keep your head up
36. Keep Your Head Up God Gives His Hardest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers.

Chola Quotes Cholas make world go around
37. Cholas Make World Go Around.

Chola Quotes Mexican moms be
38. Mexican Moms Be Like Mi Hijo No Es Cholo.

Chola Quotes Los chicos son como la
39. Los Chicos Son Como La Cerveza Mucha Espuma Pero Poea Fuerza.

Chola Quotes Cause if you only knew what
40. Cause If You Only Knew What I Felt For You You Would Have Held On Tighter Fought A Little Harder, Been A Little Smarter And Now.. You’re  Gonna Miss My Love.

Chola Quotes Daddy im in love
41. Daddy Im In Love With A Cholo.

Chola Quotes Sayings 1
42. Guy Friends, They’re The Best! And Hilarious, No Awkward, Fun To Hand Out With.. Until You Start To Like One Of Them.

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