41 Popular Character Sayings & Quotes About Behavior

Fantastic Character Sayings and Quotes: Character Is Higher Than Intellect. A Great Soul Will Be Strong To Live As Well As Think.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

41 Character Sayings Collection

Character Sayings A Man Without
1.A Man Without  Decision Of Character Can Never Be Said To Belong To Himself. John Foster

Character Sayings Money Doesn’t
2. Money Doesn’t Make A Man .Muscles Don’t Make A Man. Tattoos Don’t Make A Man.

Character Sayings If There Is
3. If There Is Character Ugliness Becomes Beauty If There Is None, Beauty Becomes Ugliness. Nigerian Proverb

Character Sayings Character Is Higher (2)

4. Character Is Higher Than Intellect. A Great Soul Will Be Strong To Live As Well As Think.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Character Sayings If You
5. If You Don’t Like What’s Being Said, Change The Conversation. Don Draper

Character Sayings I Love
6. I Love My Character She Is. Character Sayings

Character Sayings Be More (2)
7.Be More Concerned With Your Character Than Your Reputation, Because Your Character Is What You Really Are. Character Sayings

Character Sayings A Signature Always
8. A Signature Reveals A Man’s Character And Sometimes Even His Name. Character Sayings

Character Sayings All Greatness Of
9. All Greatness Of Character Is Dependent On Individually. The Man Who Has No Other Existence Than That Which He Partakes In Common With All Around Him, Will Never Have Any Other Than An Existence Of Mediocrity. James Fenimore Cooper

Character Sayings Impressive Character
10. It takes a great deal of character strength to apologize quickly out of one’s heart rather than out of pity. Stephen Covey

Character Sayings Be More Concerned
11. With Your Character Than Your Reputation.. John Wooden

Character Sayings Don't Let
12. Don’t Let Your Character Change Color With Your Environment. Rachel Joy Scott

Character Sayings Love Makes
13. Love Make People Do Foolish Things.  King Leopold

Character Sayings I Didn’t Want To
14. I Didn’t Want To Be Greedy. It’s A Mark Of Bad Character And I Always That Pigs Go The Slaughterhouse. Walter Annenberg

Best Character Quotes

Character Sayings Character Not Circumstance
15. Character Not Circumstance, Makes The Person Booker. T. Washington

Character Sayings A Man's Reputation
16. A Man’s Reputation Is What Other People Think Of Him. Jack Miner

Character Sayings Character Like A Photograph
17. Character Like A Photograph, Develops In Darkness. Yourself Karsh

Character Sayings After Each Creative
18. After Each Creative Act One Has To Be Sustained By One’s Strength Of Character, By A Moral Sense, By I Don’t Know What, Lest One Tumble. Etty Hillesum

Character Quotes Sayings 01
19. The Truth Of The Year Character Is Expressed Through The Choice Of Your Actions. Dr. Steve Maraboli

Character Sayings Do What You
20. Do What You Feel In Your Heart To Be Right For You’ll Be.. Eleanor Roosevelt

Character Sayings Having Your Own
21. Having Your Own Character In A Video Game Is Pretty Cool. Josie Maran

Character Quotes Sayings 03
22. Characterize People By Their Actions, And You Will Never Be Fooled By Their Words. Character Sayings

Character Sayings It Is Foolish To
23. It Is Foolish To Think That The Clothes Can Hide Your Indecency If You Have A Bigger Flaw Bad Character. Thiruvalluvar

Character Quotes Sayings 02
24. Be More Concerned With Your Character Than Your Reputation, Because Your Character Is What You Really Are, While Your Reputation Is Merely What Others Think You Are. Character Sayings

Character Sayings High Moral Character
25. High Moral Character Is Not A Precondition For Great Moral Accomplishments. Christopher Hitchens

Character Sayings Conduct Is The Best
26. Conduct Is The Best Proof Of Character. Character Sayings

Character Sayings I Stalk

27. I Stalk Fictional Characters Don’t Judge. Character Sayings

Character Sayings Knowledge Will
28. Knowledge Will Give You Power, But Character Respect. Bruce Lee

Famous Behavior Quotes

Character Sayings Character Is Higher
29. Character Is Higher Than Intellect. A Great Soul Will Be Strong To Live As Well As Think. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Character Sayings It Is In
30. It Is In The Character Of Very Few Men To Honor Without Envy A Friend Who Has Prospered.  Aeschylus

Character Sayings I Could Never
31. I Could Never Think Well Of A Man’s Intellectual Or Moral Character, If He Was Habitually Unfaithful To His Appointments. Nathaniel Emmons

Character Sayings It Took
32. It Took Me A Long Time Not To Judge Myself Through Someone Else’s Eyes. Sally Field

Character Sayings Intelligence Plus Character.
33. Intelligence Plus Character – That Is The Goal Of True Education. Martin Luther King Jr

Character Sayings Habits
34. Habits Change Into Character. Ovid

Character Quotes Sayings 04
35. Our Character Is Defined By What We Do When We Think No One Is Looking. Character Sayings

Character Sayings Knowledge Will
36. Knowledge Will Give You Power But Character Respect.  Bruce Lee

Character Quotes Sayings 05
37. Real Richness Is When You Are So Expensive That No One Can Buy Your Character.

Character Sayings Beauty Catches
38. Beauty Catches The Attention But Character Catches The Heart. Character Sayings

Character Sayings Beauty Has
39. Beauty Has A Lot To Do With Character. Kevyn Aucoin

Character Sayings Anyone Can Appear Beautiful
40. Anyone Can Appear Beautiful From After The Real Test Of Character Is How You Are. Yasmin Mogahed

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