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Husband Birthday Quotes
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Famous Husband Birthday Quotes & Sayings : On Your Special Day. I Want To Tell You How Much I Appreciate Everything You Do For Me. You Make Me The Happiest Woman In The World. I Will Spend My Whole Life Trying To Return The Favor! Happy Birthday, Hubby!!!

37 Husband Birthday Quotes

just like a diamond, you are precious... i just love having you in my life... happy birthday dear friend.
1. Just Like A Diamond, You Are Precious… I Just Love Having You In My Life… Happy Birthday Dear Friend.

best wishes.. happy birthday on this wonderful day. a star of pure love appeared to be my gift.. my present and my future you... !!!
2. Best Wishes.. Happy Birthday On This Wonderful Day. A Star Of Pure Love Appeared To Be My Gift.. My Present And My Future You… !!

happy birthday on your birthday, special one, i wish that all your dreams come true. may your day be filled with joy, wonderful gifts and goodies, too.
3. Happy Birthday On Your Birthday, Special One, I Wish That All Your Dreams Come True. May Your Day Be Filled With Joy, Wonderful Gifts And Goodies, Too.

many many returns of the day sweetheart i love you
4. Many Many Returns Of The Day Sweetheart I Love You.

all i want in life, is to be the reason for you to look forward to waking up every day with a smile. happy birthday.
5. All I Want In Life, Is To Be The Reason For You To Look Forward To Waking Up Every Day With A Smile. Happy Birthday.

on this wonderful day, a star of pure love appeared to be my gift, my resent & my future i.e you.. happy birthday my love.
6. On This Wonderful Day, A Star Of Pure Love Appeared To Be My Gift, My Resent &Amp; My Future I.E You.. Happy Birthday My Love.

i love by life because my day begins and ends in the arms of a handsome and caring husband like you. happy birthday
7. I Love By Life Because My Day Begins And Ends In The Arms Of A Handsome And Caring Husband Like You. Happy Birthday.

Husband Birthday Sayings

your love surrounds me like the air that i breath your kiss touches me as gentle as a breeze. your touch is as tender as that of a child. you hug is warm and mild. the love that
8. Your Love Surrounds Me Like The Air That I Breath Your Kiss Touches Me As Gentle As A Breeze. Your Touch Is As Tender As That Of A Child. You Hug Is Warm And Mild. The Love That I Need.

i am so in love with you and i am so lucky to have you in my life. it's easy to open up and let love come in when it is your love. happy birthday to my handsome and loving hausb
9. I Am So In Love With You And I Am So Lucky To Have You In My Life. It’s Easy To Open Up And Let Love Come In When It Is Your Love. Happy Birthday To My Handsome And Loving Husband.

enjoy every moment of your life may everyday bring something new and exciting for you may this birthday true out to be as amazing as you happy birthday
10. Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Life May Everyday Bring Something New And Exciting For You May This Birthday True Out To Be As Amazing As You Happy Birthday.

thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you happiness always.. happy birthday!
11. Thinking Of You On Your Birthday And Wishing You Happiness Always.. Happy Birthday!

thank you for being my husband, my best friend, and the love of my life! happy birthday to my wonderful husband.
12. Thank You For Being My Husband, My Best Friend, And The Love Of My Life! Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Husband.

khushi se bite har din, har shuani rat ho, jis taraf aapke kadam pade, waha phoolo ki barshat ho, wishing you .. happy birthday
13. Khushi Se Bite Har Din, Har Shuani Rat Ho, Jis Taraf Aapke Kadam Pade, Waha Phoolo Ki Barshat Ho, Wishing You .. Happy Birthday.

i hope all your birthday breams and wished come true. happy birthday to you.
14. I Hope All Your Birthday Breams And Wished Come True. Happy Birthday To You.

Husband Birthday Quotations

my love for you grows and grows with each passing year i am lucky to having you as my partner happy birthday my life.
15. My Love For You Grows And Grows With Each Passing Year I Am Lucky To Having You As My Partner Happy Birthday My Life.

darling i know we live like natural enemies, but it's your birthday today. let me hug you, wish you happiness and peace today tomorrow we fight!
16. Darling I Know We Live Like Natural Enemies, But It’s Your Birthday Today. Let Me Hug You, Wish You Happiness And Peace Today Tomorrow We Fight!

all i have to do is look into your eyes, and my heart knows that you're the one was born for. happy birthday, my love, my man, my life.
17. All I Have To Do Is Look Into Your Eyes, And My Heart Knows That You’Re The One Was Born For. Happy Birthday, My Love, My Man, My Life.

you're the reason i enjoy the taste of fine wine the smell of fresh flowers. and the flavors of best food. life is good because of you happy birthday, my man.
18. You’re The Reason I Enjoy The Taste Of Fine Wine The Smell Of Fresh Flowers. And The Flavors Of Best Food. Life Is Good Because Of You Happy Birthday, My Man.

if there's a man that i ask god for, a man that i'm waiting for, and a man that i will love forever, it is you my dear husband only you happy birthday, hnbby Husband Birthday Quotes
19. If There’s A Man That I Ask God For, A Man That I’M Waiting For, And A Man That I Will Love Forever, It Is You My Dear Husband Only You Happy Birthday, Hobby

Thank god that the most kind and beloved person i've ever met married me. happy birthday my dear husband!
20. Thank God That The Most Kind And Beloved Person I’ve Ever Met Married Me. Happy Birthday My Dear Husband.

life may be tough but with you. it's one awesome ride! happy birthday
21. Life May Be Tough But With You. It’s One Awesome Ride! Happy Birthday.

Famous Husband Birthday Cards

happy birthday to my husband, the funniest, kindest, most loving person i know. happy birthday to my wonderful hubby!
22. Happy Birthday To My Husband, The Funniest, Kindest, Most Loving Person I Know. Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Hubby.

happy birthday everything in life has a limit except my love for you...
23. Happy Birthday Everything In Life Has A Limit Except My Love For You.

on your special day. i want to tell you how much i appreciate everything you do for me. you make me the happiest woman in the world. i will spend my whole life trying to return
24. On Your Special Day. I Want To Tell You How Much I Appreciate Everything You Do For Me. You Make Me The Happiest Woman In The World. I Will Spend My Whole Life Trying To Return The Favor! Happy Birthday, hubby

birthday celebrations whizz by in a jiffy, but wishes like your linger along in the heart forever...
25. Birthday Celebrations Whizz By In A Jiffy, But Wishes Like Your Linger Along In The Heart Forever..

as a couple, we are inseparable as a pair, we are sizzling hot as parents, we are so cool my dear husband, i love you a lot happy birthday.
26. As A Couple, We Are Inseparable As A Pair, We Are Sizzling Hot As Parents, We Are So Cool My Dear Husband, I Love You A Lot Happy Birthday.

i searched online and went to all the shops, old and new but i could't find anything that was as pretty as you. happy birthday
27. I Searched Online And Went To All The Shops, Old And New But I Couldn’t Find Anything That Was As Pretty As You.

As You Blow The Candles On Your Cake, I Want You To Remember That There'S One Flame Which Will Never Go Out.. The One Burning In My Heart, For You. Happy Birthday
28. As You Blow The Candles On Your Cake, I Want You To Remember That There’s One Flame Which Will Never Go Out.. The One Burning In My Heart, For You. Happy Birthday.

Popular Husband Birthday Quotes

one tree can start a forest one smile can start a friendship one touch can show love and care one person like you can make late worth living..!
29. One Tree Can Start A Forest One Smile Can Start A Friendship One Touch Can Show Love And Care One Person Like You Can Make Late Worth Living..

i want to say i love you happy birthday dear, you are the sweet me lady that has filled the gaps in the script of my life.
30. I Want To Say I Love You Happy Birthday Dear, You Are The Sweet Me Lady That Has Filled The Gaps In The Script Of My Life. Husband Birthday Quotes

i'm glad to have met you, today is a perfect day, happy birthday to the love of my life and the husband of my dreams.
31. ‘M Glad To Have Met You, Today Is A Perfect Day, Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life And The Husband Of My Dreams. Husband Birthday Quotes

the best way to enjoy life is to forget your age and just remember the memories. happy birthday.
32. The Best Way To Enjoy Life Is To Forget Your Age And Just Remember The Memories. Happy Birthday.

you have a very beautiful face of age there is not a single trace you show no signs of getting older making your birthday impossible to remember...
33. You Have A Very Beautiful Face Of Age There Is Not A Single Trace You Show No Signs Of Getting Older Making Your Birthday Impossible To Remember..

happy birthday darling. love is still at our fingertips!
34. Happy Birthday Darling. Love Is Still At Our Fingertips! Husband Birthday Quotes

after many years of marriage and memories so sweet even today when i see you my heart skips a beat... happy birthday
35. After Many Years Of Marriage And Memories So Sweet Even Today When I See You My Heart Skips A Beat… Happy Birthday Husband Birthday Quotes

you're like chocolate, sweet and completely irresistible! you hold the key to my heart and soul, happy birthday hubby!
36. You’Re Like Chocolate, Sweet And Completely Irresistible! You Hold The Key To My Heart And Soul, Happy Birthday Hubby! Husband Birthday Quotes

every time i think about you my heart sings! happy birthday my dear!
37. Every Time I Think About You My Heart Sings! Happy Birthday My Dear! Husband Birthday Quotes

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