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Best Thomas Hobbes Quotes and Quotations Collection. Thomas Hobbes, in some older texts Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, was an English philosopher who is considered one of the founders of modern political philosophy. Read and Share Some Great Quotes By Thomas Hobbes.

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  1. Social Contract Theory Thomas Hobbes (1603 1679) And Jean Jacques Rousseau(1712 1778) An Agreement Between Individuals Held Together By Common Interest Avoids Society Degenerating Into The State Of Nature Or The War Of All Against All (Hobbes) Morality Consists In The Set Of Rules Governing How People Are To Treat One Another That Rational People Will Agree To Accept For Their Mutual Benefit On The Condition That Others Follow Those Rules As Well WE Trade Some of Our Liberty For A Stable Society

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  1. During The Time Men Live Without A Common Power To Keep Them All In Awe They Are In That Conditions Called War And Such A War As If Of Every Man Against Every Man

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  1. Just Because Something Doesn’t Do What You Planned It To Do Doesn’t Mean It’s Useless

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  1. The Condition Of Man Is A Condition Of War Of Everyone Against Everyone

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  1. Only The Present Has A Right To Exist Because The Past Is Only A Memory And The Future Has No Existence

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  1. The Right Of Nature Is The Liberty Each Man Hath To Use His Own Power As He Will Himself For The Preservation Of His Own Nature That Is To Say Of His Own Life

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  1. Liberty To Define It Is Nothing Other Than The Absence Of Impediments To Motion

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  1. Supported Absolute Power Of Monarch King Ideal State Is That With The Greatest Security Laws Created Bu Human To Protect Themselves Social Contract King Is King And Subjects Are Subjects Wrote Leviathan

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  1. Words Are The Money Of Fools

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  1. Thomas Hobbes English (1588 1679) Wrote Leviathan (1651) Argued That People Are Naturally Cruel Greedy And Selfish Only A Powerful Government Can Ensure An Orderly Society A Government Like Absolute Monarchy Opinions Had Been Shaped By Living Through The English Civil Wars

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  1. Understanding Is Nothing Else Than Conception Caused By Speech

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  1. To This War Of Every Man Against Every Man This Also In Consequent That Nothing Can Be Unjust The Nations Of Right And Wrong Justice Have There No Place Where There Is No Common Power There Is No Law Where No Law No Injustice Force And Fraud Are In War The Cardinal Virtues

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  1. A Man’s Conscience And His Judgment Is The Same Thing And As The Judgment So Also The Conscience May Be Erroneous

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  1. If You Want A Vision Of The Future Imagine A Boot Stamping On A Human Face Forever


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  1. Philosophers Thomas Hobbes England People Enter Into A Social Contract In Which They Exchange Freedom And Rights For Security And Order A Strong Government Was Necessary To Protect People From Themselves

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  1. I Put For The General Inclination Of All Mankind A Perpetual And Restless Desire Of Power After Power That Ceaseth Only In Death

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  1. Curiosity Is The Lust Of The Mind

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  1. Government Is Necessary Not Because Man Is Naturally Bad But Because Man Is By Nature More Individualistic Than Social

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  1. Do Not That To Another Which Thou Wouldst Not Have Done To Thyself

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  1. They That Approve A Private Opinion Call It Opinion But They That Dislike It Heresy And Yet Heresy Signifies No More Than Private Opinion

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  1. A Man Cannot Lay Down The Right Of Resisting Them That Assault Him By Force To Take Away His Life

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  1. The Obligation Of Subject To The Sovereign Is Understood To Last As Long And No Longer Than The Power Lasteth By Which He Is Able To Protect Him

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  1. The Whole Problem With The World Is That Fools And Fanatics Are Always So Certain Of Themselves Ans Wiser People So Full Of Doubts

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  1. It Is Not Wisdom But Authority That Makes A Law

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  1. It Is Not Wisdom But Authority That Makes A Law

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  1. That They Had Not Rather Govern Themselves Than Be Governed By Others

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  1. It Is Not Wisdom But Authority That Makes A Law

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  1. Science Is The Knowledge Of Consequences And Dependence Of One Fact Upon Another

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  1. Appetite With An Opinion Of Attaining Is Called Hope The Same Without Such Opinion Despair

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  1. Not Believing In Force Is The Same As Not Believing In Gravitation

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  1. Curiosity Is The Lust Of The Mind

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  1. Halcyon Classics Leviathan Thomas Hobbes

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  1. It Is Not Wisdom But Authority That Makes A Law

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  1. Thomas Hobbes By Caleb Weiss Jeff Meyer And Harry Moritz Born April5 1588 Died December4 1679

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