33 Inspirational Birthday Quotes, Sayings, Slogan & Photos

Beautiful Inspirational Birthday Quotes And Sayings : Fly Free And Happy Beyond Birthdays And Across Forever, And We’ll Meet Now And Then When We Wish, In The Midst Of The One Celebration That Never Can End. Richard Bach

33 Inspirational Birthday Quotes

baby happy birthday to hope u will always have a good health, more career in life.. and hope that more birthday to come.. always take care and i love u so much many
1. Baby Happy Birthday To Hope U Will Always Have A Good Health, More Career In Life.. And Hope That More Birthday To Come.. Always Take Care And I Love U So Much Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

a birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. enjoy the trip.. happy birthday
2. A Birthday Is Just The First Day Of Another 365 Day Journey Around The Sun. Enjoy The Trip.. Happy Birthday..

may our love will grow continuously, celebrate the time with full of humor. the fragrance of birthday flowers flow like my love in your life. happy birthday to my lov
3. May Our Love Will Grow Continuously, Celebrate The Time With Full Of Humor. The Fragrance Of Birthday Flowers Flow Like My Love In Your Life. Happy Birthday To My Love.

happy birthday a birthday is just the first day another 365 day journey around the sun. enjoy the trip.
4. Happy Birthday A Birthday Is Just The First Day Another 365 Day Journey Around The Sun. Enjoy The Trip.

age is strictly a case of mind over matter. if you don’t mind, it doesn’t't matter. happy birthday.
5. Age Is Strictly A Case Of Mind Over Matter. If You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter. Happy Birthday!

a birthday is just the begging of the another journey with the spacecraft called earth.. wishing you happy birthday.
6. A Birthday Is Just The Begging Of The Another Journey With The Spacecraft Called Earth.. Wishing You Happy Birthday. Inspirational Birthday Quotes

what if we lived each day like it was our birthday.
7. What If We Lived Each Day Like It Was Our Birthday?

Inspirational Birthday Sayings

happy birthday! may you always pirouette through life with elegance and grace.
8. Happy Birthday! May You Always Pirouette Through Life With Elegance And Grace.

and in the end it's not the years in your like that court,. it's the life in your years. happy birthday! Inspirational Birthday Quotes
9. And In The End It’s Not The Years In Your Like That Court,. It’s The Life In Your Years. Happy Birthday!

be stronger and be more confident on facing problems on your life. i wish nothig but the best in life for you and that you continue to receive love and blessing. hap
10. Be Stronger And Be More Confident On Facing Problems On Your Life. I Wish Nothing But The Best In Life For You And That You Continue To Receive Love And Blessing. Happy Birthday!

Inspirational Happy Birthday Quotes

fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever, and we'll meet now and then when we wish, in the midst of the one celebration that never can end. richard bach
11. Fly Free And Happy Beyond Birthdays And Across Forever, And We’ll Meet Now And Then When We Wish, In The Midst Of The One Celebration That Never Can End. Richard Bach

this is finest time to rest for a while and look for the things around you, realize how lucky you are that you still reach this time of your life. happy birthday!
12. This Is Finest Time To Rest For A While And Look For The Things Around You, Realize How Lucky You Are That You Still Reach This Time Of Your Life. Happy Birthday!

with every passing year, they become more experienced of life. it can really create a difference in your style while matching with their personality happy birthday.
13. With Every Passing Year, They Become More Experienced Of Life. It Can Really Create A Difference In Your Style While Matching With Their Personality Happy Birthday.

do not calculate the cake but sweetness they give each year in your life, do not calculate the years but your existence in life matters happy birthday!
14. Do Not Calculate The Cake But Sweetness They Give Each Year In Your Life, Do Not Calculate The Years But Your Existence In Life Matters Happy Birthday. Inspirational Birthday Quotes

Inspirational Birthday Quotations

let go of your failed dreams weave a new desire clear away your delusions put new ambitions on fire this is the perfect age to turn a new leaf and start over start li
15. Let Go Of Your Failed Dreams Weave A New Desire Clear Away Your Delusions Put New Ambitions On Fire This Is The Perfect Age To Turn A New Leaf And Start Over Start Living Life To The Fullest For It Is Now Or Never.. Happy Birthday.

life sin't meant to be filled with wowies. it's supposed to be soaked with awesome memories, let go and move on, set yourself free. it's never too late, to change you
16. Life Isn’t Meant To Be Filled With Wowies. It’s Supposed To Be Soaked With Awesome Memories, Let Go And Move On, Set Yourself Free. It’s Never Too Late, To Change Your Destiny.

may god's blessings be on you today and for the many more days to come. may his blessing on your never fade away. may he surround you and walk along with you during ev
17. May God’s Blessings Be On You Today And For The Many More Days To Come. May His Blessing On Your Never Fade Away. May He Surround You And Walk Along With You During Every Day Of Your Life, So That Every Day Is Like A Fulfilled Dream. Happy Birthday!!

a birthday is a time to reflect on the year gone by, but to also set your goals for the upcoming year. Catherine pulsifer
18. A Birthday Is A Time To Reflect On The Year Gone By, But To Also Set Your Goals For The Upcoming Year. Catherine Pulsifer

celebrating who you are and the everlasting impact you make by being you.
19. Celebrating Who You Are And The Everlasting Impact You Make By Being You.

may your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good ch
20. May Your Birthday And Every Day Be Filled With The Warmth Of Sunshine, The Happiness Of Smiles, The Sounds Of Laughter, The Feeling Of Love And The Sharing Of Good Cheer.

life is too short to be lived counting the years. just enjoy the ride and make awesome memories happy birthday
21. Life Is Too Short To Be Lived Counting The Years. Just Enjoy The Ride And Make Awesome Memories Happy Birthday.

Inspirational Birthday Slogans

happy birthday to a dear friend you'll be special to me until the end. celebrate today and know this is true my life has been blessed, because of you.
22. Happy Birthday To A Dear Friend You’ll Be Special To Me Until The End. Celebrate Today And Know This Is True My Life Has Been Blessed, Because Of You.

be your own light find your own way. it should be easy with all those candles.
23. Be Your Own Light Find Your Own Way. It Should Be Easy With All Those Candles.

to my trainer.. when it comes to working out your expectations are sky high i have to admit that sometime you even make me cry but in the end i break out into a smile
24. To My Trainer.. When It Comes To Working Out Your Expectations Are Sky High I Have To Admit That Sometime You Even Make Me Cry But In The End I Break Out Into A Smile Because The Way My Body Looks It Is All Worthwhile!

happy birthday a new broom sweeps clean, but an old one knows the corners. anonymous
25. Happy Birthday A New Broom Sweeps Clean, But An Old One Knows The Corners. Anonymous

twenty, thirty or forty how does it matter as long as you have a positive attitude life will always keep getting better... happy birthday
26. Twenty, Thirty Or Forty How Does It Matter As Long As You Have A Positive Attitude Life Will Always Keep Getting Better… Happy Birthday.

to grow old is to move from passion to compassion. albert camus
27. To Grow Old Is To Move From Passion To Compassion. Albert Camus

on this day... dance like no one's watching, sing like no one's listening, love like you'll never get hurt, and live like it's heaven on earth! wishing you a happy bir
28. On This Day… Dance Like No One’s Watching, Sing Like No One’s Listening, Love Like You’Ll Never Get Hurt, And Live Like It’s Heaven On Earth! Wishing You A Happy Birthday.

Inspirational Birthday Proverbs

if i was asked to write a birthday wish for you i would just draw a heart because that is what our friendship means to me happy birthday
29. If I Was Asked To Write A Birthday Wish For You I Would Just Draw A Heart Because That Is What Our Friendship Means To Me Happy Birthday. Inspirational Birthday Quotes

be grateful for antoher year that god gave you to live iin this world, and thank him for another mission that he gave to you to solve. happy birthday!!!
30. Be Grateful For Another Year That God Gave You To Live In This World, And Thank Him For Another Mission That He Gave To You To Solve. Happy Birthday!! Inspirational Birthday Quotes

i may not be able to give you the best gifts today, but my thoughts and wishes are with you on this special day. happy birthday sweetheart
31. I May Not Be Able To Give You The Best Gifts Today, But My Thoughts And Wishes Are With You On This Special Day. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Inspirational Birthday Quotes

birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cakes.. happy birthday
32. Birthdays Are Nature’s Way Of Telling Us To Eat More Cakes.. Happy Birthday. Inspirational Birthday Quotes

i may not be by your side.. celebrating your special day with you... but i want you to know that i'm thinking of you... & wishing you a wonderful birthday!
33. I May Not Be By Your Side.. Celebrating Your Special Day With You… But I Want You To Know That I’M Thinking Of You… &Amp; Wishing You A Wonderful Birthday! Inspirational Birthday Quotes

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