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“Malvo in Parvo,” which means a great deal in a small space, often used to describe a captivating, loving and mischievous move. Do not let their size fool you; Any puppy owner will confirm that you are acquiring multiple personalities with this dog.

And this is what makes pigs the perfect meme subject. Lots of personality, a cute face, and some cool lessons, and you’ve got the last leg.

30 Hilarious Pug Memes That Make You Smile

Pug Memes beware of my army of

Pug Memes when bae's totally in love

Pug Memes my wife wanted a pug

Pug Memes wait i forgot to kiss you

Pug Memes log on to facebook

Pug Memes when you finally get on

Pug Memes there's a new shereiff in

Pug Memes i'll never be over this

Pug Memes i swear i saw that rock

Pug Memes this is what success

Pug Memes you mean this isn't a pee pad

Pug Memes i told you ! it's not a

Pug Memes i ididn't choose the the pug life

Pug Memes get out of my way

Pug Memes offer master favorite toy

Pug Memes just thinking about getting up

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