30 Beautiful Fashion Quotes & Quotations About Style

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30 Beautiful Fashion Quotes

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• When You Don’t Dress Like Everybody Else, You Don’t Have To Think Like Everybody Else.

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• Fashion Is A Trend. Style Lives within A Person.

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• Fashion Is The Armor To Survive The Reality Of Everyday Life.

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• Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself.

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• Style Is A Way To Say Who You Are Without Having To Speak.

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• Simplicity Is The Ultimate Form Of Sophistication.

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• Self Confidence Is The Best Outfit Rock It And Own It.

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• Fashion Is The Armor To Survive The Reality Of Everyday Life.

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• Fashion Is Art And You Are The Canvas.

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• One A Bad Day There Is Always Lipstick.

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• Elegance Is The Only Beauty That Never Fades.

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• In A World Full Of Trends I Want To Remain A Classic.

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• I Really Need New Clothes.

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• Trendy Is The Last Stage Before Tacky.

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• People Will Stare Make It Worth Their While.

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• Dress Like You’re Already Famous.

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life isn’t prefect but your outfit can be.

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• The Best Color In The World Is The One That Looks Good On You…

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• Care For You Clothes, Like The Good Friends The Are.

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• Life Is Short Make Every Outfit Count.

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• The Revolution Will Look Fabulous.

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