30 Dirty Questions to Ask a Man You Like

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Looking for a fun new way to turn a guy on? Asking him dirty, flirty questions will get his mind racing with thoughts of only you.

Think of it as a naughty game of 20 questions. Not sure what to ask? Here are 30 questions to help you get started.

The Exclusive List of 30 Questions Full with Naughtiness by Picsmine


1.“Do you like talking dirty?” – Find out if he even likes talking dirty before you start asking naughty questions.

2.“Do you like to check me out as I walk by?” – This question will get him thinking about you (or your backside).

3.“What are you wearing right now?” – Follow up by telling him what you’re wearing. Be detailed!

4.“What part of a woman’s body do you love the most?” – His answer will tell you which parts of your body you should flaunt.

5.“What’s your dirtiest sexual fantasy?” – Find out what his fantasies are, so you can make them come true.

dirty questions 01

6.“Where do you like to be touched?” – Find out where his pleasure points are to heat things really up in the bedroom.

7.“What part of my body do you like kissing the most?” – This question will get him thinking about you in a naughty way.

8.“Have you ever had phone sex?” – If he’s had phone sex and liked it, maybe he’d be open to trying it again and with you.

9.“Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?” – His answer will let you know how adventurous – or unadventurous – he is.

10. “What’s your favorite position?” – This question will get him thinking about sex and will give you the opportunity to try out his favorite position.

The Best One..

dirty questions 02

11.“What should a woman wear to bed?” – Learn what his tastes are.

12.“Can you guess what color panties I’m wearing right now?” – A naughty question to get him thinking about you in a dirty way.

13.“Have you ever had a threesome? Would you want to have one?” – Another question that will give you a peek at his sexual fantasies, and if he’s open to new ideas.

14.“Have you ever gone skinny dipping?” – If not, maybe he’d like to try it with you.

15. “Have you ever been caught having sex? Did that person join in?” – His answer will tell you if he’s private or open about his sex life.

dirty questions 03

16.“What would you do to me if I was with you right now?” – A good icebreaker to get him to start talking dirty.

17.“Are you a good kisser? Care to demonstrate your skills?” – A naughty question to help get the action started.

18.“Have you ever used sex toys in bed?” – Find out if he’s kinky, and just how kinky he is.

19. “Have you ever had sex that was so good you woke the neighbors?” – His answer will reveal whether he’s wild in bed, or shy and reserved.

20.“What was your first time like? Was it with someone special?” – Sharing his “first-time” experience will help you get to know him better.

My Favorite..

dirty questions 04

21.“Have you ever had a one night stand? Would you ever do it again?” – Is he a player? Or, has he only had a few one-night stands?

22.“What kind of foreplay do you love?” – Learn what foreplay moves turn him on the most, and start doing them more often.

23.“Do you think you can please a woman? Care to prove yourself right?” – This isn’t a question; it’s more of a challenge. See if he can live up to his claims!

24.“If you could have sex anywhere in the world, where would you choose?” – Find out if he’s a romantic, adventurous, or just enjoys simple love-making.

25.“Do you like being dominated in bed, or do you like taking the lead?” – If he likes being dominated, maybe it’s time for you to take the lead.

dirty questions 05

26.“If you were a magician, what piece of my clothing would you make disappear? Why?” – His answer will tell you what part of your body he likes the most.

27.“If we were in the same room right now, how long would it take for you to strip me naked?” – Another challenge question!

28.“Do you like making love with the lights on or off?” – Learn what his sexual preferences are.

29. “What type of role-playing turns you on the most?” – If you’re open to the idea, make his role playing fantasies come true.

30.“Have you ever had sex in a public place? Did you get caught?” – His answer will tell you how adventurous he is in the bedroom, and how he reacts in sticky situations.

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