7 Extraordinary Tattoos Designs Made By Damian Gorski

Damian Gorski is a Polish tattoo artist who is currently working at Rock ‘n’ Roll Tattoo studio in Warsaw, Poland. Damian specializes in colour realism tattoos, and he strives to make his artworks original and customized for all of his clients. He’s very keen on details, and tattoos based on the idea that “if you can see all the colors, lines and shadows on a picture, you can tattoo them.” Here’s some awesome tattoo designs by Damian Gorski:

1. Horrifying Skull Tattoo

2. Funky Girl Tattoo

3. Crying Lady Tattoo

4. Melting Girl Tattoo By Damian Gorski

5. Cute Girl Tattoo

6. Older Rabbit Tattoo

7. Jumping To Moon Tattoo

Source: gorskytattoos

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