Trendy Bitch Quotes and Sayings Collection. Read and Share These Amazing Bitch Sayings With Your Facebook Friends. Dear Bitch, If I Offend You In Any Way, Please Let Me Know So I Can Do It Again!

47 Popular Bitch Quotes and Quotations You Must Read

Bitch Quotes Spreading Rumors About me impressive bitch at least you're spreading something other
1. Spreading Rumors About Me Impressive Bitch At Least You’Re Spreading Something Other

Bitch Quotes mess with me i'll let karma do its jobs
2. Mess With Me I’Ll Let Karma Do Its Jobs

Bitch Quotes Dear bitch if i offend you in any way please let me know so i can do it again
3. Dear Bitch, If I Offend You In Any Way, Please Let Me Know So I Can Do It Again!

Bitch Quotes some people are so fake even Barbie is jealous
4. Some People Are So Fake Even Barbie Is Jealous

Bitch Quotes how to be a bad bitch
5. How To Be A Bad Bitch

Bitch Quotes bitch please your vagina has more users than
6. Bitch Please Your Vagina Has More Users Than

Bitch Quotes bitch you're so fake you make Barbie
7. You’Re So Fake You Make Barbie

Bitch Quotes witchcraft the art
8. Witchcraft The Art

Bitch Quotes good girls are made of sugar and spice
9. Good Girls Are Made Of Sugar And Spice

Bitch Quotes bitch please the world doesn't revolve around you
10. Bitch Please The World Doesn’T Revolve Around You

Bitch Quotes bitch don't worry about my life it ain't for you
11. Don’T Worry About My Life It Ain’T For You

Bitch Quotes chill out asshole my post wasn't even about you it was about another asshole who
12. Chill Out Asshole My Post Wasn’T Even About You It Was About Another Asshole Who

Bitch Quotes i don't care what you think about me i don't
13. I Don’T Care What You Think About Me I Don’T

Bitch Quotes from this point on I’m going to treat people exactly how they treat me some should be glad some should be scared
14. From This Point On I’m Going To Treat People Exactly How They Treat Me Some Should Be Glad Some Should Be Scared

Bitch Quotes kiss my ass bitch
15. Kiss My Ass Bitch

Bitch Quotes there is always going to be that
16. There Is Always Going To Be That

Bitch Quotes don’t let my looks fool you i may look like
17. Don’t Let My Looks Fool You I May Look Like

Bitch Quotes you know damn well you aint a bad bitch
18. You Know Damn Well You Aint A Bad Bitch

Bitch Quotes i like to make people who hate me hate me
19. I Like To Make People Who Hate Me Hate Me

Bitch Quotes bitch please your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory
20. Bitch Please Your Birth Certificate Is An Apology Letter From The Condom Factory

Bitch Quotes act like you trust people but don't
21. Act Like You Trust People But Don’T

Bitch Quotes i don’t give any reason for anyone to hate me they create their own little drama out of jealousy
22. I Don’t Give Any Reason For Anyone To Hate Me They Create Their Own Little Drama Out Of Jealousy

Bitch Quotes revenge nah I’m too lazy I’m gonna sit here and let karma fuck you up
23. Revenge Nah I’m Too Lazy I’m Gonna Sit Here And Let Karma Fuck You Up

Bad Bitch Quotes

Bitch Quotes buckle up buttercup you just flipped
24. Buckle Up Buttercup You Just Flipped

Bitch Quotes if you show me you don't give a fuck ill show you that I’m better at it
25. If You Show Me You Don’T Give A Fuck Ill Show You That I’m Better At It

Bitch Quotes you claim you re a bad bitch but you have
26. You Claim You Re A Bad Bitch But You Have

Bitch Quotes I’m not like other girls that’s where you made your first mistake
27. I’m Not Like Other Girls That’s Where You Made Your First Mistake

Bitch Quotes fifty shades of bitch
28. Fifty Shades Of Bitch

Bitch Quotes bitch please my phone battery last longer than
29. Bitch Please My Phone Battery Last Longer Than

Bitch Quotes i love to smile I’m a happy little fucker
30. I Love To Smile I’m A Happy Little Fucker

Bitch Quotes sometimes you have to be a bitch to get
31. Sometimes You Have To Be A Bitch To Get

Bitch Quotes bitch I’m not insulting you I’m describing you
32. Bitch I’m Not Insulting You I’m Describing You

Bitch Quotes if you don't like me still watch everything
33. If You Don’T Like Me Still Watch Everything

Bitch Quotes oh you're a princess but I’m the queen bitch
34. Oh You’Re A Princess But I’m The Queen Bitch

Bitch Quotes so you're the bitch that told the bitch
35. So You’Re The Bitch That Told The Bitch

Bitch Quotes bitch beautiful intelligent talented charming
36. Bitch Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming

Bitch Quotes i keep it real and that's a promise
37. I Keep It Real And That’S A Promise

Bitch Quotes I’m not always a bitch just kidding go fuck yourself
38. I’m Not Always A Bitch Just Kidding Go Fuck Yourself

Bitch Quotes don't play the victim to circumstances
39. Don’T Play The Victim To Circumstances

Bitch Quotes i am not a bitch i am the bitch and to you
40. I Am Not A Bitch I Am The Bitch And To You

Bitch Quotes you can try to dirty my name but ill wear your
41. You Can Try To Dirty My Name But Ill Wear Your

Bitch Quotes witchcraft the art of pissing people off while smiling
42. Witchcraft The Art Of Pissing People Off While Smiling

Bitch Quotes i refuse to apologize for being a bitch no one has
43. I Refuse To Apologize For Being A Bitch No One Has

Bitch Quotes so hold your head high gorgeous people would
44. So Hold Your Head High Gorgeous People Would

Bitch Quotes judge me i'll prove you wrong tell me what to do
45. Judge Me I’Ll Prove You Wrong Tell Me What To Do

Bitch Quotes I’m not a bitch
46. I’m Not A Bitch