Catchy Ghetto Quotes and Sayings Collection. Read and Share These Amazing Ghetto Sayings With Your Facebook Friends. They Call Me Gangta I Don’t Know Why. Maybe It’s The Attitude, Ghetto Booty Or The Thick Thighs.

43 Awesome Ghetto Quotes and Sayings About Hood

Ghetto Quotes any female can spend a man's money ride
1. Any Female Can Spend A Man’S Money Ride

Ghetto Quotes if i don't fuck with you nomore just make sure you tell the real story when tehy
2. If I Don’T Fuck With You Nomore Just Make Sure You Tell The Real Story When Tehy

Ghetto Quotes the cry of the ghetto is being heard by a nation with its fingers in its ears
3. The Cry Of The Ghetto Is Being Heard By A Nation With Its Fingers In Its Ears

Ghetto Quotes ghetto quotes
4. Ghetto Quotes

Ghetto Quotes ghetto world of the day cologne
5. Ghetto World Of The Day Cologne

Ghetto Quotes school seven crappy hours of our life class
6. School Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Life Class

Ghetto Quotes they call me gangta i don't
7. They Call Me Gangta I Don’t Know Why. Maybe It’s The Attitude, Ghetto Booty Or The Thick Thighs.

Ghetto Quotes ted as a girlfriend you might see thirsly
8. Ted As A Girlfriend You Might See Thirsly

Ghetto Quotes this was the ghetto where
9. This Was The Ghetto Where

Ghetto Quotes a ghetto can be improved in one way only
10. A Ghetto Can Be Improved In One Way Only

Ghetto Quotes make sure everybody in your boat is
11. Make Sure Everybody In Your Boat Is

Ghetto Quotes dam shanty u the type a black woman a nigga
12. Dam Shanty U The Type A Black Woman A Nigga

Ghetto Quotes sometimes you just need six hunnit and fiddy
13. Sometimes You Just Need Six Hunnit And Fiddy

Ghetto Quotes niggas cum quicker in good pussy so if
14. Niggas Cum Quicker In Good Pussy So If

Ghetto Quotes ghetto wet floor sign caution
15. Ghetto Wet Floor Sign Caution

Ghetto Quotes jealousy is what makes a bitch
16. Jealousy Is What Makes A Bitch

Ghetto Quotes ghetto word of the day cologne you thing
17. Ghetto Word Of The Day Cologne You Thing

Ghetto Quotes high class ghetto ass banging style
18. High Class Ghetto Ass Banging Style

Ghetto Quotes I’m looking for a thug a true sensta guy
19. I’m Looking For A Thug A True Sensta Guy

Ghetto Quotes now hiring more haters wanted
20. Now Hiring More Haters Wanted

Ghetto Quotes I’m not interested in competing with anyone
21. I’m Not Interested In Competing With Anyone

Ghetto Quotes as a Shorty i was always told that
22. As A Shorty I Was Always Told That

Funky Ghetto Quotes

Ghetto Quotes did she just oh hell new girl hold mi
23. Did She Just Oh Hell New Girl Hold Mi

Ghetto Quotes i keep ahead up wit a smile on mah face
24. I Keep Ahead Up Wit A Smile On Mah Face

Ghetto Quotes booty shakin heart break'n steamy hot
25. Booty Shakin Heart Break’N Steamy Hot

Ghetto Quotes it's always okay to take a break from
26. It’S Always Okay To Take A Break From

Ghetto Quotes perfect single dainty waste
27. Perfect Single Dainty Waste

Ghetto Quotes liked this book find your next favorite
28. Liked This Book Find Your Next Favorite

Ghetto Quotes when ghetto living seems normal you have no shame no privacy
29. When Ghetto Living Seems Normal You Have No Shame No Privacy

Ghetto Quotes hoes want attention women want respect
30. Hoes Want Attention Women Want Respect

Ghetto Quotes black parents use whatever you just said against you
31. Black Parents Use Whatever You Just Said Against You

Ghetto Quotes booty is just a ghetto expression and I’m just a booty star
32. Booty Is Just A Ghetto Expression And I’m Just A Booty Star

Ghetto Quotes ghetto translations just got real the
33. Ghetto Translations Just Got Real The

Ghetto Quotes in da hood everybody got a nickname they be like
34. In Da Hood Everybody Got A Nickname They Be Like

Ghetto Quotes I’m living proof that you can make it out of the ghetto
35. I’m Living Proof That You Can Make It Out Of The Ghetto

Ghetto Quotes you leap over the wall of one ghetto in another
36. You Leap Over The Wall Of One Ghetto In Another

Ghetto Quotes Jamaica full of ghetto but boy i tell me never see
37. Jamaica Full Of Ghetto But Boy I Tell Me Never See

Ghetto Quotes bitches be like no weave no makeup
38. Bitches Be Like No Weave No Makeup

Ghetto Quotes Gangsta queen holding shift down think you can
39. Gangsta Queen Holding Shift Down Think You Can

Ghetto Quotes if fake was a crime a lot of people would stay
40. If Fake Was A Crime A Lot Of People Would Stay

Ghetto Quotes ghetto kids have dreams too
41. Ghetto Kids Have Dreams Too

Ghetto Quotes i wish he meant it when he kissed me cause then i could look back and see someone
42. I Wish He Meant It When He Kissed Me Cause Then I Could Look Back And See Someone

Ghetto Quotes bytches stare n make a fuss one question
43. Batches Stare N Make A Fuss One Question