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33 Hilarious High Memes Will Make A Huge Smile  On Your Face

High Memes The stroke rate on a 200m race is too damn high
1. High Meme The Stroke Rate On A 200m Race Is Too Damn High

The first time i got high was in the backseat of my older High Meme
2. The First Time I Got High Was In The Backseat Of My Older High Meme

High Meme Walking past a class that yoour friend is in
3. High Meme Walking Past A Class That Your Friend Is In

That's what i like about high school girls i get High Meme
4. That’s What I Like About High School Girls I Get High Meme

High Meme High five go fuck yourself
5. High Meme High Five Go Fuck Yourself

Dude i'll call you later they're suspecting im high High Meme
6. Dude I’ll Call You Later They’re Suspecting I’m High High Meme

High Meme Sits down to take a shit tries to put on seat belt
7. High Meme Sits Down To Take A Shit Tries To Put On Seat Belt

You may be high but you'll never be johnny High Meme
8. You May Be High But You’ll Never Be Johnny High Meme

High Meme Agent smith high as fuck being all elf and shit
9. High Meme Agent Smith High As Fuck Being All Elf And Shit

Wants to get high goes on a rooftop High Meme
10. Wants To Get High Goes On A Rooftop High Meme

High Meme but shit it was 99 cents
11. High Meme But Shit It Was 99 Cents

Reads high school freshman meme thinks he High Meme
12. Reads High School Freshman Meme Thinks He High Meme

High Meme Prayed 403 times today new high score
13. High Meme Prayed 403 Times Today New High Score

Yo dawg i hear you like being high so i gave High Meme
14. Yo Dawg I Hear You Like Being High So I Gave High Meme

High Meme This guy is too damn high
15. High Meme This Guy Is Too Damn High

Pilots high as fuck vroom vroom and shit High Meme
16. Pilots High As Fuck Vroom Vroom And Shit High Meme

Most Funniest High Memes

High Meme No no no tell the story after you hit it
17. High Meme No No No Tell The Story After You Hit It

Nigga dats some funny shit maybe i am still high High Meme
18. Nigga Dats Some Funny Shit Maybe I Am Still High High Meme

High Meme When ur high af in public
19. High Meme When Ur High Af In Public

Darth maul high as fuck thinking he's demon and shit High Meme
20. Darth Maul High As Fuck Thinking He’s Demon And Shit High Meme

High Meme The volume on your earbuds is too damn high what
21. High Meme The Volume On Your Earbuds Is Too Damn High What

This one time i got so high peoples faces High Meme
22. This One Time I Got So High Peoples Faces High Meme

High Meme Why the fuck would i go to my high
23. High Meme Why The Fuck Would I Go To My High

When you come in high as shit and your mother say High Meme
24. When You Come In High As Shit And Your Mother Say High Meme

High Meme When you get high af and start
25. High Meme When You Get High Af And Start

What if Everyone is actually high and weed makes you High Meme
26. What If Everyone Is Actually High And Weed Makes You High Meme

High Meme When you high as shit and tryna be
27. High Meme When You High As Shit And Tryna Be

That wasn't grass that's my horse High Meme
28. That Wasn’t Grass That’s My Horse High Meme

High Meme A guy offered to bet me 1000 that i couldn't jump over a pile of
29. High Meme A Guy Offered To Bet Me 1000 That I Couldn’t Jump Over A Pile Of

Airline rivalry i can get pretty damn nasty High Meme
30. Airline Rivalry I Can Get Pretty Damn Nasty High Meme

High Meme The thing is im high af
31. High Meme The Thing Is I’m High Af

20 year high school reunion High Meme
32. 20 Year High School Reunion High Meme

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